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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 132 : The Golden Egg !

A seemingly shocked Vansh mocks Riddhima for opting to cheat Dadi, the one woman who loves her conditionally. He almost reverentially tells Riddhima that she is even better than him. Riddhima silently thinks to herself that getting the property in her name is the only way to keep the family safe from Kabir but does not reveal the detail to Vansh who continues to tease her.

With ever an eye on his massaging his own skin, Vansh demands more money for his beautiful face that’s going to fool Dadi into giving him back the property. Riddhima pointedly reminds him about the case of the The golden Egg laying duck & goes to sleep leaving a determined Vansh to brood.

Morning brings Kabir with his own dolls to play. He threatens the visiting lawyer who has come to inform the family about properties, orders him to lie and tell the family that the property transfer will take time. The frightened lawyer so informs Vansh. Riddhima is flummoxed by the turn of events. She gets riled up when Vansh prompts an increase in his salary for the increased risk he will accrue to to extended stay.

When Tom & Jerry are arguing fiercely, Ishani who has never set foot in the kitchen brings a plate of chocolate cake. Fearing for his life, Vansh bursts out on Ishani igniting her suspicion about his identity.

After thoroughly frustrating Riddhima, Vansh heads off to his piano to play followed by mini dynamite Riddhima who explodes showering all her wrath on him with complete impartiality. But Vansh has tough hide, the fire does not even singe him as he merrily plays away like Nero. A whispered heated exchange of fire between Riddhima & Vansh .. A truce is declared with Riddhima agreeing to the terms & conditions of Vansh.

However, new trouble comes from other Raisinghania’s & Kabir when they challenge Vansh for a basketball match. Vansh after lot of thought accepts the challenge, leaving Kabir dreaming about building his own Antilla Hills !

** A con man who has entered the mansion under a contract to do a con job is more interested in the intentions and motives of the lady than in doing his job, grabbing his share of money & running away to Hawaii or Mauritius.

How strange?

Yet here is Vihaan or Vansh who uses every moment of his alone time with Riddhima to probe, coax, tease the truth out of her. Riddhima however proves to be a tough adversary as she remains tight lipped about her motive behind defrauding Dadi. The very fact that Vansh has not stonewalled her or maneuvered to stop Riddhima’s plans should loudly & clearly tell everyone that he still does have a modicum of trust on her  nonetheless he is quite clueless behind Riddhima’s actions and wants to find out the reason.

Morning comes hiding secrets behind its veil. Kabir who is focused entirely on teaching a lesson to Riddhima at any cost and to usurp Vansh’s wealth even if it is the last thing he might end up doing finds that lady luck smiled on him. He accosts and intimidates the family lawyer into lying to Vansh who listens to the lawyers version suspiciously.

Now here comes the most interesting part. Vansh one of the top business man of India , who can smell the lies and fears of the man standing in front of him does not even react at this blatant lie.

Why is it so? 

Is it because, he already is well aware of the truth. Did he along with his original lawyer began this charade to trap Kabir into making mistakes. After all every trap has an innocuous appearance to it. Which top business man would hire a lawyer who has several black marks against him that is known publicly and can strip him of his license. Not Vansh Raisinghania, surely. Besides the timing in change of lawyer is suspect.

Which brings me to the second interesting thing? Why is Aryan sticking like a glue to Kabir even after the arrival of his Bade Bhai? Is it because, his bade bhai has instructed him to get closer to Kabir. Is Aryan going to do to Kabir what Riddhima did to Vansh? Quite a speculation but would be interesting if it were so..

Another interesting aspect of this revelation is the fact that Vansh had already begun the process of transfer of properties even before Riddhima mooted it. But instead of informing her about his action, Vansh kept her in dark.  

One positive way of looking at it is, he needed time to dig to the truth that Riddhima has hidden. Vansh could not do it as her husband but Vihaan as her employee can cause her to lower her guard allowing him to find the truth. For that he needs time, time which will turn short if it was known that transfer of property is on the way. 

Another simple fact is Vansh does not trust Riddhima fully , so kept her out of loop to prevent her from messing up things.

Having said that, we must also remember that Vansh has not come back to play business man. He has promised Dadi that he will set every one & everything right. To set things or people right, he needs to know how things are standing, where the fault is. 

So the property revelation becomes an opportunity to open that can of worms. As Vansh quietly & candidly thundered, The biggest sinner is not the one who sinned but the biggest sinner is the one who suffered silently. Vansh Raisinghania is not one of those who will suffer silently nor will he let Riddhima suffer silently. Once again converting a problem into opportunity, Vansh Raisinghania goads Riddhima, pushes her to give him more money and leaves no room for her to think. In a moment of sheer frustration, she blurts out two interesting fact that money did not come easily and that she fears for her family. She also reveals how deeply committed she is to her husband, a fact that Vansh knows but does not believe completely yet.

Even though he is laser focused on Riddhima, Vansh has not forgotten rest of his family. After the deliberate stirring of the cauldron of trouble which brings out the intended result of everybody congregating around him and trying to set a trap.. Vansh in his turn arms himself with weapons to break the chakravyuh.

The case of the golden egg. A goose that laid golden egg was raised in a family of impoverished farmers. They family on discovering the golden egg were overjoyed. The goose laid an egg every day and the family progressively grew wealthier. Until one fine day greed clouded their reasoning and they speculated that the goose must be hiding several golden eggs inside its tiny body. The farmer lost no time in killing the bird only to find that there were no golden eggs.

Vansh, the golden goose to the family has no intention of aping the fate of the golden goose. He is going to change his fate & will not suffer sins silently. The push back has begun quietly without any clarion call for traps are never announced they are sprung !

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