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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 131 : The Wall !

A new start, Dadi said.. Always be together, Dadi said.. The problem with new beginning is for it to become meaningful and succesful, the baggage of the past has to off loaded or shared to lighten the load. In the case of Riddhima & Vansh, both believe in zealously guarding their own thoughts & secrets. Each following their own ideas without involving the other in their life, which usually will and does end up in cross connections.

It happened previously, if Riddhima & Vansh do not sort out their communication network ASAP, their relationship will always remain prey to the hovering vultures. One such vulture, Kabir is on a scent to find out the secret behind the face called Vansh. He gets delighted when he discovers ‘planted’ evidences which seems to hint at a conspiracy. Kabir immediately sets his investigative into action. He is cocksure that he has found the proof that’s going to achieve two targets with one stone, discredit Riddhima & throw out Vansh imposter & Riddhima from the house. Day dreams are nice to see but they are often followed by nightmares.

Under the urging of Dadi, Riddhima and Vansh get married. They join hands to fight off the hunters circling their family taking the blessings of Dadi. Interestingly, Vansh does not deem it necessary to seek blessings of his mom. Riddhima who seems to be living on adrenaline makes it a point to tell Kabir that only Vansh’s sindoor will adorn her head, a statement overheard by Vansh. A statement that will only fuel skepticism in Vansh’s mind since essentially Riddhima is marrying Vihaan (from her POV)…

The newly wedded couple head to their private room. Riddhima is lost in the thoughts of Vansh & gets jolted when she hears the voice of Vansh affirming her that she will and will always belong to Vansh. An ecstatic Riddhima forgets for a moment that Vansh died in front of her eyes but harsh reality knocks hard when she encounters Vihaan’s familiar smirk & wink. Delight & grief transforming to anger, she moves to strip him off his identity as Vansh.

Vansh seems to find it amusing to push the buttons of Riddhima, but all his ploys center around two questions – What is YOUR intention? What was your real feelings about Vansh? His choice of words suggests that he has not bought into Riddhima’s declaration of love that she made whence speaking to Kabir or when she was talking to herself in front of the mirror. The walls that separated them & broke them easily remains strong as ever.

Probably one of my favorite moment of the episode and a scene that offers a ray of hope for the future. Vansh & Dadi are having their own intimate conversation. In struts Kabir, overflowing with friendliness, cheer.. A tense Riddhima who had come to warn Vansh about Kabir discovering about Vihaan remains on the threshold -worried & scared that her plan is headed for failure. A seemingly innocent Kabir wants to know how Vansh managed to beat the odds, in that moment, Vansh quickly glances at Riddhima before turning to face Kabir & reveal the details of his survival. Vansh verbatim repeats what his “mom” told to the family. Before Kabir can nitpick holes in the story, before he can fully focus on Vansh & his story, his phone chimes. A delighted Kabir takes sadistic delight in opening the attached files, as the pic file downloads, Vansh quickly turns towards Riddhima, trying to know whether she has any clues. Negative is the mute reply coming from Riddhima.The pic finally downloads, a surprised/shocked looking Vansh mildly asks the identity of the person. Kabir floating in cocky cloud quickly deflates on seeing the pic. With a hint of a smirk, Vansh turns towards Riddhima, gives a quick shake of his head hinting all is well with an accompanying flashback that tells viewers of Riddhima ordering Vihaan to destroy all proofs that can be held against him.

A small moment of Riddhima & Vansh, but the changes in Vansh is minute.. where earlier he would walk the lonely road, winging it alone. This time he has no qualms in accepting Riddhima as his equal partner. While he looks at her for possible help.. he is also quick to assure her when things fall into place. Riddhima on her part is quick to respond instead of stonewalling or trying to jump into the fray and try to help him. Her partnership does not end there, she is quick to guard Vansh’s back by revealing to kabir that the accident story was told by his precious mom.

The flashback brings two interesting aspects, One it indicates to Vansh the extent of closeness Riddhima shared with Kabir when she informs Vansh about how Kabir operates. A friend would not be aware of such details but an extremely close friend would. Second, Riddhima exposes her limitations when she tells Vansh to delete all evidences that connect him to his identity as Vihaan. But in this age of internet, a lack of any identity of a person whose name is going to surface sooner or later (especially since Kabir has already came by the house once) are high. The best bet is not to erase but to misdirect the query to wrong address thus allaying the suspicion of any snoopy bodies. Vansh knows this & took action to suit the idea.

For once, working together as a team, as partners helped them stave off the sniffing hound. They will require this unity, trust and belief in each other’s actions & deeds to overcome the entrenched evil. This will become possible only when Riddhima opens up the fortress called heart, it will be possible only when Vansh learns to trust Riddhima enough to share his plans that explains his moves. Until then, they will be their own enemies.

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