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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 130 : Shikaar !

Vansh corners & pins Riddhima to the wall like a helplessly fluttering butterfly, he opens his maw & gives a thorough dressing down, pointedly informing her about her limits.

The duo’s duet is interrupted by Ishani forcing Vansh to wrap Riddhima inside a carpet like a lumpy early christmas gift. Ishani sets a test for Vansh which he passes with flying colors. Angre’s suspicious receives a stronger boost knowing the conclusion of Ishani’s test.

Kabir is adamant on the fact that Vansh is an imposter. A chance words of his mother inspires a eureka moment & off he rushes to fulfill his destiny of becoming a fool.

Dadi makes a remarkable recovery .. she commands Riddhima & Vansh to marry again..


“Tumhare aur Mere Aankhon ka Rang Ek Jaisa Hai” 

To a man stewing in the river of fire, embers of suspicion, hurt & pain scorching him to cinders, Riddhima’s words would have come as a healing breeze cooling the wounds & taking the sting of betrayal from it. A man who was barely holding it in wondering feverishly about Riddhima, her motives now gets a glimpse of it when Riddhima says with complete conviction that Vansh would never bring up the topic of Divorce between them.. Indirectly implying, divorce was not a option for either of them, for she too would never opt for divorce nor bring up the matter of divorce despite the fights, cold wars that would follow between them. In that one sentence, Riddhima unknowingly tells Vansh what he wanted to hear all along, that for Riddhima this marriage of her’s with Vansh is for keeps. Vansh, a man who believes in ‘death do us apart’ is finally a relieved man for he has found a mate who shares the same belief, who despite being forced into marriage has no intention of abandoning even after the man is “dead”. 

While Vansh is mentally doing a happy dance on hearing Riddhima’s opinion about him, his other faculties have not deserted him! Inspite of being charmed by Riddhima’s opinions, he remains constantly on alert even inside his own house & is the first one to hear footsteps approaching his room. Riddhima who actually has to be on high alert remains quite oblivious of approaching danger.. A moment that quite tellingly reiterates the difference between the master & a newbie of the game. A moment that hints that Vansh will take whatever action is needed to safeguard his own arbitrarily without bothering to inform or without bothering to keep them in loop. It also says much for Riddhima that she quickly catches on to the act unlike previous times where she would be fearful were she to be blindfolded, now she is thoroughly packed like sardine in a can, today she waits it out as Vansh faces the first hurdle. 

Vansh is nonplussed when Ishani hands over the divorce papers. Once can sense his mental recoiling from the offending papers. But at the same time, Vansh is well aware of the stakes here. Angre can be handled later for he has the tact and patience of a hunter. But Ishani is of another kettle, one hint of mis step she will bring the whole town to the room & create a ruckus. Silencing her is imperative and if he can get her to accept that this was no imposter, then double bonanza. So Vansh makes a decision, even though he does not believe in divorce, although Vansh believes in sanctity of marriage, of never breaking a relationship until death, he signs the papers !! Very much like the way Riddhima agrees for the wedding!! For both of them, family is important even above themselves as individuals, for the safety of family Vansh & Riddhima can go to any extent and for love they can cross even that extent.

Hui na ” Hum dono ek duje ke liye bane hain” baat or “Tumhari aur meri aankhen ek jaisa hai” or even “Hum dono ek jaise hain”.

Kabir is ecstatic, he thinks he has finally found a way to prove the veracity of Vansh Raisinghania. His new found cheer & determination springs from what Anupriya said forth in a conversation between them. However, Kabir is still making the same mistake of thinking that Riddhima set the board and Vansh is the player despite Vansh openly & clearly telling him that the traps are his and game will be his. Talk about delusion, his own overweening confidence in his ‘superior’ intelligence is going to be Kabir’s downfall. He is going to trip & fall due to his own actions as he did today.

The money trail & the subsequent clues and conclusions arising from it are going to be the bread crumbs for the fattened pigeon to follow. A pigeon who firmly believes that the cat is the main danger ignoring the soaring eagle up in the sky.

Kabir thinks he knows the ins & outs of Vansh & can play him but what he completely misses out on is that Vansh is a patient hunter. Not for him the easy kill, he will savor every moment of his victory as he gently pushes & prods his enemy/ies into the path that he wants them to take. 

At the moment, Kabir is convinced that Vansh is an impostor. Vansh has made sure that Kabir gets the bag. The amount is the proof that Riddhima gave the money to Vihaan to pose as Vansh. Thus making Riddhima as the main target for Kabir. He will/might focus all his attention on Riddhima & will try to bring her down leaving Vansh to do his own hunting freely.


If Kabir considers Vihaan as Vansh, he might approach Vihaan & attempt to blackmail him into doing work for him and on his behalf as HIS puppet. This again would sit well with Vansh who quite tellingly remarked that some viruses have to be destroyed from inside. what better way than to play the game, the way Kabir wants but make Kabir dance to his tunes as Vansh quietly & systematically destroys Kabir from inside.



Kabir scouted & carefully selected Riddhima as the girl who would catch the eye of Vansh. He knew the weakness of Vansh & exploited it causing near death & destruction of Vansh & the Raisinghania’s by foisting a fake case on Vansh. 

Kabir’s weakness is money and power. Could this be a return trap of Vansh? Removing the malignant presence of Kabir from Raisinghania household by creating a situation where Kabir is seen possessing money that cannot be accounted through legal means. A fake corroborating evidence built up by Vansh, Mishra, Angre combine would cast a iron clad case against Kabir causing his own downfall. If Kabir were to be caught in an illegal act, even Dadi will not be moved to intercede on his behalf leaving the turf free for Vansh to extract his pound of flesh. 

Has Vansh installed his spy camera in the outhouse? That would be interesting .. very interesting…

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