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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 129 : Ram aur Shyam !

Epi begins with emosh moments of Dadi & Potha Vansh. Dadi plays a sentimental pitch asking Vansh to forgive RIddhima for her lapse, Vansh lobs it cleanly out of the ground asking Dadi instead about her true state of emotions regarding Riddhima marrying Kabir.

Leaving it as lost cause..Dadi then seeks a promise from Vansh, She wants Vansh to right everything that has gone wrong in the house. Vansh promises to do so.

Vansh’s next port of stop is Sia who is in coma. He gives a pep talk to comatose Sia, telling her to wake up soon.

Ishani & Angre are discussing about Vansh. Angre blurts out that this man is not Vansh and reveals that Ishani’s mother was murdered & Vansh, the real one would have been baying for the blood of the murderer by now instead of hobnobbing with familia! Hot headed Ishani is shocked to learn about her mother’s murder, wants to confront doppelganger Vansh immediately. Angre pacifies her. He promises to find out the veracity of Vansh by a simple test.

(Mind Voice: Duh!! Vansh aake 1-2 ghante hi hua hai, he has come back from death and you want him to do Tandav about his mother’s murder instead of catching up with the family who had been mourning him!!! *Facepalm*

Rational Me: Test him??? Preevate Inbestigator bhai, hum mordurrnnn zamane mein hai, DNA testing karwalo, doodh ka doodh, pani ka pani ho jaying..

Rohit Shetty/David Dhawan/Govinda phankie in me: Wooo hooo !!! Test pe test.. kitne bhi karlo, Vansh will be the rank student.. Jaw drop karwake reh jaoge )

In another bedroom, Anupriya & Kabir are having a heated discussion. Kabir is convinced that Vansh is an imposter. Anupriya is convinced he is the asli maal. As scientific proof, she offers her pinging heart that dreads the fate of Kabir in Vansh’s hand. Kabir scoffs at it & resolves to find out the truth. He is fully convinced  Riddhima is behind it. They end their corporate meeting without coming to any conclusion.

Riddhima is seething in the outhouse, loudly talking to herself . She resolves to sort out the issue with Vihaan next morning.

Vansh walks into his room and becomes lil Vihaan. He enjoys the facilities and luxuries of his room.

Next day dawns bright & clear with Riddhima badgering into VR Mansion. Ofcourse trouble follows her like a long lost friend as she is stopped by Aryan. As usual Vansh plays the Knight and rescues the trouble prone Riddhima. He is rewarded by blows from a dainty tray instead of roses and velvety kisses for his bravery. Riddhima cools down sufficiently to berate him for his deviation from the script but one wrong word brings out his inner sher. He quickly pins her against the wall and snarls that she does not own him.

** As episodes go, this was a perfect mass commercial episode that had senti, comedy, romance and thrill with nothing substantial in the plot.

Vansh has his task cut out to prove and establish himself as the true lord of the house. The members of the family are quivering in suspicion but are held back by Vansh’s flawless performance. Interestingly, it is Dadi & Anupriya who are actually convinced about the authenticity of Vansh and while one rejoices the other quite correctly trembles at the prospect of getting schooled by Vansh.

Anupriya has also told us quite well that her son is going to end up as an idiot in this game as he is under estimating the real opponent and is focused on the pawn making the moves on behalf of the player. Kabir is shadowing Vansh in the hope of catching him off guard, only problem for Kabir, Vansh is already aware of his moves. He is going to give a long rope to Kabir & enjoy watching him dangling on it.

Hmm, It was not Angre who cracked the CCTV recording, then that would put Mishra firmly in the radar. It  satisfactorily explains the reason for Angre’s mellowed reaction in respect to Riddhima and also explains several unexplained actions of Vansh. Unless it is some other 3rd player who has not yet entered the scene. But Mishra as Vansh’s tool would fall in with his oft repeated, “Web should be constructed in such a way that it remains invisible to the prey”. Mishra would be that strand who has remained invisible to Kabir.and in concept with the web, this web too is spread far & wide.

It has been my belief that Ishani would prove to be a better mafia queen if she were to rein in her temper, her impulsiveness and her head strong attitude. She is intelligent, quick witted , intuitive & observant. The moment Angre opened his mouth about Uma Raisinghania, Ishani makes all the right connections without a shred of proof – talk about intuitive intelligence!! I hope she does not make any blunders in her haste.

“Tum ek paheli ho, Riddhima” & I love paheli’s.. Vansh has returned with a changed game plan to unravel the paheli for in this riddle is the answer he is seeking. Riddhima was guarded when she was with Vansh, unable to express her feelings, her emotions. Hiding tumultuous feelings beneath a serene exterior. The arrival of Vansh will just lead her to clam up again. He wants to know the ‘Real’ Riddhima, and who better than someone who has no previous baggage with Riddhima. Someone who needs Riddhima or her “money” than the other way around. Someone who Riddhima thinks  can control and dominate him, someone who has no influence or effect in her life with or without his presence. To him, Riddhima will be unguarded, letting slip things, things that can help him understand her and her actions better. Vansh does not hate her but he does not trust her. To trust her again, Vansh needs to understand her and to understand her..push the envelope, keep Riddhima on the edge, goad her so that the dam bursts!

Riddhima is out of the house but not out of the game. He knows that Riddhima & trouble are two sides of the same coin. He also knows that Riddhima is like a unstoppable force, the more you try to stop her, the more stronger is she in her comeback attempts. This time around, Vansh has no intention of stopping her. Instead, he wants to use her, test her. He already has painted a target in her by keeping the stash of money openly in the cabin. Now comes the test of loyalty, how far and how deep is her loyalty? Where exactly does her loyalty lie? Where does her sense of duty take her, to family or to Kabir? . Vansh will play both her enemy & her guard. He will not make it easy for Riddhima nor will he abandon her to her fate. He needs distraction & Riddhima is that.

This time , it is Vansh’s game, he will make the rules, he will set the limits & he will play for the win.

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