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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 124 : Incognito

Riddhima hires Vihaan to be her “on rent” hubby . Vihaan graciously accedes after throwing few taunts & after extracting every single paisa she has.

Being the courteous guy, Vihaan gives Riddhima advance notice of demanding more payments at later date & helpfully informs her that his rates are subject to change depending upon the situation.

Forewarned by Aryan, Kabir lands up at Vihaan’s place when Riddhima & Vihaan are in deep discussion regarding their contract. Vihaan’s quick thinking saves the moment and Kabir leaves the house after inviting Vihaan to his wedding.

After haggling over the price and terms, a furious & resigned Riddhima signs the contract & seals the deal with Vihaan.

** A spider’s web is not small nor is it easily visible. Vansh is spinning one such web. On the one side he is making sure that Riddhima desperation level remains high forcing her to come to him repeatedly. At the same time Vansh as Vihaan is also pushing Riddhima to see how far she will go and for what purpose?

Let’s be honest, Riddhima has not given a clear reason for Vansh or Vihaan to trust her yet. She seems to be on a double crossing spree, on one hand betraying Vansh to Kabir & now betraying Kabir using Vihaan. For Vansh, Riddhima becomes a priority even trumping Kabir because while his family will not be completely blind about Kabir, Riddhima has already won over the family and they do trust her. Vansh, a family man will want protect his family from enemies, at the moment it is Riddhima, the woman who played him, made him trust her and betrayed him by handing him over to the police. So how best to ‘neutralize’ Riddhima? by leaving her no option apart from getting him to mansion, to get Riddhima to keep him in her inner circle so that he can understand her motive..

Stage one is set … Vansh has succeeded is driving Riddhima to the point of desperation where she is forced to come to him for aid. Her desperation is so acute that Riddhima has even accepted all the conditions, terms put forth by Vihaan, giving Vansh a glimpse of her distress and the extent she is going and will go to sort it.

Stage two will be devoted to Kabir , the annoying fly that has managed to enter the citadel of VR Mansion breaking the barriers put against such insects. Here I am going purely on CONJECTURE & have no solid base to ground my assumption.. We have seen once before how the whole of Raisinghania family excluding Dadi united to put the fear of death in Riddhima. A stage was carefully crafted, all the inmates of Raisinghania doing their part to influence Riddhima into thinking that she was being set up to die by Vansh. 

Remember too, Vansh’s statement that no enemies of Raisinghania’s can dare enter the gates without explicit permission from one of the Raisinghania’s. Well, one of the enemies of Raisinghania’s has broken through due to Riddhima (another strike against her btw).. A virus so potent that it would be hard to erase it and save the system unless a trojan is injected into it , to infect it and who better than Aryan for that purpose? Known to harbor resentment against his elder brother, Vansh, has ambitions & thinks that he deserves better than what he has so far – in short, Kabir will not have any problem in believing Aryan or whatever Aryan says. 

Aryan is slowly gaining Kabir’s trust by informing him about Riddhima’s moves, first about the letter and now about her visit to Vihaan.. A two edged sword for it increases Kabir’s confidence in Aryan, giving ample time for Vansh to prepare a effective antivirus & at the same time Kabir’s reactions and strategies will force Riddhima to move more closer to Vihaan giving insight into Riddhima’s intentions! A simple, diabolical strategy IF THE WRITERS ARE GOING THIS WAY. 

Fully focused on his family, Vansh might be but he has not forgotten the betrayal nor the pain given by Riddhima. While as Vihaan, he  has immersed himself into his persona & plays the flirty, teasing, easy going, money minded guy, Vansh’s fury & rage breaks through when he spots the watch in Riddhima’s hand. A loving gift given to her husband and NOW SHE IS GIVING  THE WATCH TO A TOTAL STRANGER! The bitterness, the hurt he is hiding spills out but is quickly restrained and controlled.

Nevertheless that control slips, a slip which goes unnoticed by Riddhima when Riddhima spots Kabir standing outside the door.Instead of being nonchalant or waiting to take cues or orders from Riddhima, Vihaan slips into Vansh mode, tells her what to do to escape from Kabir’s spying. Because it is imperative for Vansh to be in VR Mansion & he cannot afford any misstep at this point!. Riddhima does not even pause to think at this unusual helpful hand of money minded Vihaan and straight goes to do what Vansh tells her to, a sign of how these two are going to form a tight unit and be a force to reckon with in future. 

United they might be for the family but where are they as individuals? Riddhima who had come with certain preconceived ideas, one who wrapped all the new found information, new details related to Vansh around her preconceived notions fed by Kabir finds out that her foundation was hollow and a sham. The girl who fell in love with him yet fought him is now wholly devoted to his memories. The shadow of Kabir which always lingered in Riddhima & Vansh’s relationship has been exorcised from her side. She is now Mrs.Vansh Raisinghania. Her love,her heart and her life only for her Vansh.

Vansh who was intrigued by her, puzzled by her and ultimately respected her now is at crossroads. The attraction that he felt for her remains unimpaired. The pull she has remains strong nonetheless the stench of her betrayal overpowers the softer fragrances. The finer emotions are overlaid with bitterness, anger, rage. More than the desire for vengeance is the absolute need to know why she did it? He will goad her, taunt her, push her to reveal the reason, he will not rest until he gets his answers and at the same time he will not let go of her, come hell or high water.. She is HIS, whatever the quantum of punishment, of love ONLY he, Vansh Raisinghania will decide, will be the final arbitrator.. If she needs to be thrown out, he will make the call, if she needs to be thrown into a dungeon, he will choose the lair.. ONLY HE will hold the chains and will not allow anybody else to hurt her. 

“There are many things about me that you are unaware of” said Vansh a long time back. That statement holds true for Riddhima as well. Vansh has seen a guarded, reticent, quiet, intense & serene Riddhima. He has seen a intelligent girl, a thorn who was always pricking him. An opponent who gave him tough fight in every battle, who never learned the meaning of ‘giving up’. He has seen integrity, honesty in her. Vansh has seen shades of his mother in Riddhima. She has earned his respect. 

Now Vansh is going to see the fierce side of her.  Where Vansh dominated her, Riddhima is going to be let loose by Vihaan. Where Riddhima barely spoke in front of Vansh unless to probe or annoy him by nagging about Ragini, Vansh is going to see a decisive woman who will order him about. He is going to witness the fire which he was fighting against as Vansh but which will now fight alongside him as his partner. Vansh will see the passion that was tightly reined in as Riddhima’s heart & mind fought over Vansh. Where Vansh saw shades of his mother in Riddhima, now he will see the passionate woman who had been hidden within. Vansh will fall – fall wildly, madly & deeply in love with Riddhima!

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