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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 120 : Maya Jaal !!

Riddhima swoops down on Vihaan’s lair, frenetically searching for proofs or papers that would reveal the identity of the man standing in front of her. A man who demands money for rescuing her from the goons that he himself hired to attack her by the way.

When he realizes money will not be forthcoming from Riddhima, Vihan quite quietly but firmly tells her to leave & not waste his time. Riddhima who has been ogling him, her mind trying valiantly to assimilate & differentiate the difference between her Vansh & the stranger standing between her leaves reluctantly..

Riddhima heads to her home leaving a satisfied Vihaan who is rather proud of his planning. Riddhima enters the house and barges against Kabir. The plate of kumkum lands on her angering the recently widowed Riddhima who delivers a stinging slap to Kabir.

A vindictive Kabir decides to teach Riddhima a lesson. He orders her to marry him within 6 hours or else…..

** Who would have thought that one day Riddhima would prove to be one of Vansh’s most brilliant student.

The carefully constructed long con of Vihaan is beginning to bear fruit. A man of infinite patience, a ruthless hunter under that charming exterior has laid the bait, Riddhima is slowly but firmly being nudged in the direction Vihaan wants but at the same time giving HER the impression that she is in FULL CONTROL of her actions.

Vihaan’s deliberate & strategic move of appearing in front of her has begun to pay dividends. Riddhima who is desperately looking for a way out, who wants to keep her family safe is looking for the man who saved her, a man who bears startling resemblance to her husband. Her efforts to find him is paid off handsomely when she gets his address (or so she thinks). Riddhima lands up at Vansh’s house as expected. 

Here happens one of those tiny minuscule moment that is random or meaningless but hints at the tenor of the upcoming actions. Riddhima as is her wont starts to riffle through various papers & folders kept by Vihaan. Vihan lets her !!  He does not stop Riddhima from her search nor does he resist her attempts actively while at the same time fooling her into thinking that her intrusion is not welcome. Vihaan gets active ONLY when she gets close to photos. He casually & with complete nonchalance diverts her attention by dredging up memories of Vansh. Something he would know after the research he has done. Predictably, Riddhima stands flabbergasted.

Here is Vihaan’s pawn, the one who will green light his entry into VR Mansion and he expects & anticipates her every move. Whatsmore, he also has the requisite talent to divert her from getting close to truth. At the moment whether Riddhima knows it or not but she is completely dominated by Vihaan.

It is also significant that Vihaan keeps harping on money. One it offers a leeway for Riddhima to get him into VR Mansion. It also offers an avenue for future collaboration of Kabir & Vihaan (if the makers are heading that way).

A confused Riddhima is politely but firmly shooed away Vihaan who already is planning his next move. 

Riddhima enters the house and collides against Kabir who has been going on some errand holding a plate full of kumkum. The plate flies through the air dispersing the colors all over Riddhima. Riddhima is covered head to foot in the kumkum. An angry Riddhima slaps Kabir who has to put a brave face but vows vengeance.

Needless to say, I loved this moment for without any shadow of doubt, it proves that Riddhima is not a widow. It proves that Vansh is alive & that Kabir will be instrumental once again in bringing them together. But more than that it is the clarion call for war! The red of passion, the red of Wrath , the red of anger, the red of blood has been spilled on white, the color of peace, of submission, of tranquility. 

The girl who has been submissive to Kabir’s manipulations, one who has been forced to into inaction will not act. Though never overtly, she will play the game by Vansh’s rules..She will let her enemy think he is winning the game, she will ensure that the illusion of his unchallenged march to victory will continue as she buys time, precious time to formulate her counter strategy, her plan inevitably including a man who loves money, who works for money, a man who has made sure of his existence while maintaining his disguise, a man who already has his initial’s carved on the gates of the Mansion. Riddhima will bring Abhimanyu, her warrior into the war to shatter the mayajaal.

Yes, Mayajaal, Kabir forte has been his ease of manipulation, of creating an illusion, of manipulating the truth without deviating from truth… That Mayajaal has to be broken to break Kabir. The illusion of invincibility that Kabir harbors will have to shattered. The chakravyuh he has built has to be demolished. Riddhima will break it the way she broke the mirror,a mirror that was reflecting Kabir, his overweening ego & his arrogant confidence.To defeat Kabir, he must be broken from inside first & Riddhima will do the deed. The hand will be her’s but the weapon will be Vihaan. Vihaan, the master illusionist who will hunt with the dog and run with the hare. Vihaan who is guiding every pawn while creating an appearance of complete independence of the pawn. 

It’s time now to retire the whites..Its time to don the color of vengeance, color of power, color of war. There will be toll to pay & she will pay it but to the war she will go. The fire that had begun to die within her has been ignited by Kabir, the fire that’s going to be carefully nurtured and guided on its path of destruction by Vihaan. 

The battle will be Riddhima’s, the war will be Vihan’s. 

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