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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 117 : The Making of Mrs.Vansh Raisinghania !

The D day finally dawned. Riddhima who was taking baby steps towards the truth unintentionally entered into a fast track mode & completed her graduation with due honors. Kabir acting as the de facto dean handed over the precious scroll of truth leaving Riddhima shell shocked.

What’s more, as a special scholarship fund, Kabir promises to teach an unforgettable lesson to hot headed Ishani.

A petrified Riddhima rushes to save Ishani and learns one more crucial lesson, “Trust no one, Believe no words”  .. Will the lesson stay the duration of her life is a thought for another day..

** Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania, the orphan who married a rich, enigmatic, reclusive wealthy man who unfortunately could never live up to the position she reached largely due to her naivety, her gullibility and due to her innocence.

As days went by her innocence decreased but her naivety and her gullibility showed no signs of abating easily. This despite Vansh constantly cautioning her about believing everything said to her, this despite her husband reminding her that she is surrounded by vultures and must take everything she hears, sees with a pinch of salt.

Riddhima heard what her husband was saying but did not listen to it, ergo, she fell again and again into traps, sometimes set by Kabir , sometimes set by Anupriya. One heartening feature of this traps were, she begun to learn from them, evolve from it.

The girl who would break into cold sweat, start shivering in absolute terror whenever she seemed to be on the verge of danger, now boldly looked at danger in the eye while constantly evaluating the various exits & loopholes to exit from the danger she had stepped into.

Riddhima though married to Vansh kept herself aloof from the family. It was “your family” to her but then cupid struck his arrow, love bloomed.. with the blossoming of love, Riddhima transitioned from “your family” to “MY FAMILY”. The girl who almost always stood apart from the rest of the family, the girl who rarely voiced her opinions of offered inputs during family discussions now steps up to protect her family, decides the course of proceedings for the family. The girl who came to destroy the Raisinghania’s now has become it’s fiercest guard willing to give up her life to protect them.

These changes did not happen overnight, they came slowly, over a period of time with gentle and steady nudging’s from Vansh. Nonetheless, despite Vansh’s constant refrain of you are “Mrs.Vansh Raisinghania, think like one, behave like one”  went unheeded. Because Riddhima came with an inbuilt blinkers robbing her ability to see the complete truth, she came brainwashed with preloaded software that always marked Vansh as a guilty man as its preset option.

Despite Vansh’s incessant protestation of innocence, Riddhima default mode always has been ” Vansh is criminal”..  This prejudgement could be easily exploited by Vansh’s enemies and opponents to defeat Vansh. As long as Riddhima harboured this notion in her head, she will forever be a liability to Raisinghania’s security..

She must be brought out of that cocoon, the blindfold she has put on has to be removed. The truth that is hidden from her must be exposed for her to fully become Mrs. Vansh Raisinghania!


Vansh can shout himself hoarse claiming his innocence but at first sign of mischief, she will automatically lean towards the thought of holding Vansh guilty.. BUT if the truth were to come from horse’s mouth itself.. What if Kabir, the man who originally brainwashed her, who seeded the idea that Vansh was a diabolical devil who needed to be taught a lesson were to admit to her, openly without any pressure about his deceit, his lies and his manipulations… THAT would once and for all establish Vansh’s innocence, once and for all destroy her dilemma’s and eliminate her divided loyalties. The TRUTH will be BELIEVED !!

[Note: If the writers were hinting at this with their scattered dialogues thrown throughout the series. If writers intend to demonstrate this as one of Vansh’s strategy, then I will say, brilliant writing ]

The best way to get Riddhima to believe in Vansh was to get the brain behind the plan to confess it himself. Kabir does just that. Giddy on his so called triumph over Vansh, blinded by his own intelligence, Kabir smugly admits to his every moves, his every plans. He even goes as far as to say openly that Riddhima was CHOSEN with just ONE PURPOSE, the purpose of vanquishing Vansh Raisinghania!

Observe the reaction of Riddhima after she comprehends the truth, the depth and cunning behind the audacious plan. The Riddhima of old would have had an emotional meltdown. She would have been broken at this betrayal. But Mrs.Vansh Raisinghania stands tall, though shocked she does not break. The strength that was missing in Riddhima is found in abundance in Mrs.Vansh Raisinghania.

The thought that she & she alone was primarily responsible for causing Vansh’s debacle is a shattering truth that will handled another day but priority is her family. She stands looking at her husbands murderer in the eye, defiant, strong & determined.

The last vestige of Riddhima dies when Kabir throws her into the water. The final link connecting her to Kabir broken. She rises from the water as Mrs. Vansh Raisinghania.


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