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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 115 : The Wheel of Fortune !!

So Kabir enters VR Mansion through a carefully orchestrated roadside tamasha, unfortunately it fails to garner the appreciation of Raisinghania’s who curl their lips in sheer contempt at this insipid acting.

Dadi hands power of decision to Riddhima who promptly shows how naive she is at the game by allowing Kabir to step into the mansion. The decision inflames the already roaring fire in Ishani’s heart. She is determined to get to the bottom of the secrets.

Riddhima is left with memories of Vansh, while she is dwelling in the thoughts of Vansh, Kabir rudely interrupts her reveries with attempt at ingratiating himself to her and is soundly rebuffed ..

A brief flashback of Vansh & Riddhima explains why Riddhima allowed the foxy Kabir in thus absolving her of any sins & firmly laying it at the doors of Vansh.

Vihan gears up for new adventure!

** With the demise of Vansh, it has become a open season of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ with everyone dreaming of wallowing in the luxuries of untold wealth with Dadi & Riddhima remaining above the lure of gold.

In the last episode, Vihaan had called Dadi as ‘queen’ which had intrigued me no end for ideally it should be Riddhima who would have been the queen considering Vansh is the king or stretching it a bit, Anupriya (queen mother) since she is the eldest daughter in law but Dadi & queen instead of Queen dowager was quite INTERESTING & today we came to know why she was the QUEEN when it was revealed that Vansh has named her as his nominee & one who will hold the controlling interests of the property!!.

It clears one notion, Vansh though in ‘love’ had no illusions about Riddhima’s capabilities to manage Raisinghania’s interests. He was not swayed by her love nor her intelligence. It raises a question – How did Vihan know who was the queen? 

What stood out for me today was two scenes, one where Ishani says,” forget becoming Vansh, atleast why could not she (Riddhima) think like Vansh for once, Vansh would never have let anybody in without doing a full background check” & Riddhima & Vansh’s scene interested me. 

The two instances offered a sterling insight into Vansh and what makes him. Ishani paints a picture of a man who takes caution to the extremes of paranoia. A man who would not allow any one to cross the threshold of his citadel easily. A man who who did a background check on Riddhima despite being captivated by her. A man who was very much in ‘love’ with Riddhima yet did not make the mistake of transferring his and family’s assets in her name. That’s Vansh Raisinghania.. A man who takes calculated decisions instead of hasty decisions or spur of the moment decisions.

This was also an instance which showed up Riddhima, a girl who loves Vansh but has not learned to be a Raisinghania YET. One who probably may never learn it, providing a contrasting counterfoil to Vansh. She may understand and embrace the Raisinghania’s but will always have her own individuality the way Uma Raisinghania did. A moral compass who will keep Vansh in check.

While Ishani offered this insight into Vansh, Vansh offered himself for further study. From his conversation with Riddhima, we get an inkling of he works. He comes across as a man who understands people do have a past, a past they might not like to share. He is willing to overlook it, he is not bothered by it and has the big heart to accept the person with a questionable past. What however hurts him is the fact that his loved one thought that he might not prove to be compassionate or understanding.

He is also a man who appreciated kindness in others, knows it and values it. A man who has the ability to love on and all provided they are worthy of it.

But above all he is a man of justice. A man who has his own code. While he may be loving, compassionate and kind.. He will always be just.. fall on the wrong side of him, he will not hesitate to draw his sword. 

Kudos to the writers for virtually offering so many shades of him within these brief scene/s . Does Vihan encompass all these shades or is he one of these shades?

In all of my posts & tweets, I have been saying that it has to be Riddhima who ought to find the link between Anupriya & Kabir ..If that happens, then I’ll say it will be Ishani who will ferret out the truth about Riddhima (ofc, it is glaringly obvious) .. but how she manages to do that is going to be quite fascinating.

I’m not interested in how Vihan comes to VR Mansion.. whether Ishani/Riddhima/Anupriya-Kabir combo bring him or whether he makes his own entry.. What absorbs me is his motive & objective.. That I eagerly await to see.. 

(Clue : I have lit the funeral pyre of Vansh -> hints at the possible answer)

The wheel of fortune has started turning, Lady luck has changed hands …….

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