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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 108 : Taqdeer

Our Gopi Bahu aka Riddhima makes a startling discovery, she finds out the identity of the Alien species that was hounding her from past couple of days. Like dutifully bahu, she does not inform Hetal Ma aka Dadi, or her Ahemji aka Vansh instead she opts to inform Rashi Ben who has been forever getting her into trouble!..

While exchanging salacious deets about Sia over a cup of palak Bhajjia & Adrak Chai, she is electrified to see Sia slouching on her special throne right behind her.. Years of TV Thrillers sanskar kicks in & our Gopi Bahu promptly shuts down the phone leaving Rashi Ben hopping mad with incomplete gossip..

Sia promptly turns into Koki Ben n demands to know Riddhima ke Jigar mein Kya tha, hai ?.. Sia threatens that she will make more muddy foot prints all over the mansion and force Riddhima to clean it up after her. A petrified Riddhima blurts out the entire truth & Koki Ben manages to record only half of the message leaving the other positive half to evaporate in the ethernet.

The whole family join at the hip to sing “Hum Saath Saath Hain” to celebrate Sia’s new development.

** While reviewing episode 86, I had mentioned Sia will be the rook of Vansh. She proved it today when she unhesitatingly launched her attack on Riddhima. Her priority is and will be Vansh & his safety. To ensure his protection, his happiness, Sia will go to any extent. The siblings are like Three Musketeers, diverse personalities but with an unshakable bond & with an inbuilt instinct to guard each other’s back. They do not allow anybody to intrude into their gang & do so only after a thorough vetting. These bonding will be needed in upcoming days.

Taqdeer, how lightly one takes this words and how potent it can turn out to be. Riddhima, a girl who entered Vansh’s life as a spy of his enemy soon found herself married to her fiance’s enemy. Though she remained true to her commitment to get Vansh brought to justice for his black deeds, events began to unfold in such a way that unknowingly, unconsciously she began to love the man that she also detested. Her taqdeer so far had not changed, she came to find evidence and she stayed on that path even when her heart said something to the contrary, her brainwashed mind found the evidences of Vansh’s crime where none existed.. But today, Riddhima has decided to change her Taqdeer.. The spy has decided to change her fate .. What will it be? Where will it lead her?

On one side Riddhima has taken a major decision to change her Taqdeer & on the other side Vansh is fighting a losing battle with his storm. A closure that he has been desperately seeking has been denied to him, Inspite of valiant attempts to remain, calm, rational, logical..he is progressively getting highstrung, is losing his objectivity and losing his rationality. He is riding a emotional wave which can be extremely dangerous as it clouds your judgement, blinds you to truth.

Vansh’s control over himself & over the situation is slipping but Dadi said something interesting today.. If that priceless treasure belongs to you, it will come to you , might take time but eventually will find you & come to you. A two pronged statement because right at the moment the only  ‘priceless treasure’ that Vansh covets and yearns for is not Riddhima but Ragini ! It implies that wherever Ragini is, she is going to come to him for somewhere they are connected, she belonged to him once upon a time and that thread has not broken.

I am reminded of an another interesting nugget with relation to ‘storm’ connection.. It was a stormy day when Ragini was freed from her ‘prison’..she was freed and she tried to escape from Kabir.. Her flight to freedom ushers in the moment when Vansh falls into the grave, a man who digs traps for others, falls into his own dug pit.. an ominous sign !

In his emotional distraught state, Vansh desperation or call it rashness is sure to bring about something that’s going to shatter everything BUT Riddhima has vowed to change her TAQDEER, hasn’t she? She has promised to be Vansh Raisinghania’s wife and for her Vansh is her Kheemti Cheez.. She will change the TAQDEER , find her Kheemti Cheez, help him fly again the way she helped him out of that grave! or he may finally realize what or who exactly is his Kheemti cheez & help change her Taqdeer..

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