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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 102 : The Maze Runner !

A thoroughly broken Riddhima walks in to the mansion, to the waiting arms of her worried hubby Vansh. His worry & compassion is rejected summarily & she wanders in leaving Vansh standing at the thresh hold looking after her.

A trap set by Vansh & Riddhima wanders right into it cluelessly. A warning given and brazenly thrown back at Vansh leaves Vansh wrathful. A determined Riddhima is intent on saving Ragini and calls up Kabir.

Ishani warns Angre about Riddhima, alerts him that his carelessness is going to prove costly for her brother.

** A half truth is much more dangerous than a terrible lie. Today, Riddhima has got hold of one half of a truth & she has judged based on that one piece. She is shattered, no doubt. Inspite of being utterly broken, teetering on the edge of collapse, she does not wander anywhere, she walks back to her home, not to the hostel, not to meet Kabir or not even to going to mandir, she comes straight to her home, a place where she has found her refuge, a place where she has made her life. Today she is met at the door by a worried husband, an anxious husband whose care & affection overpowers his anger but there will come a day when her reckless actions will see him turning away from her, turning away from their relationship. 

Only then will Riddhima realize what she has lost, only then will she truly understand the enormity of her fatal mistake. In my previous posts, I had mentioned that Riddhima is going to make a fatal mistake that is going to take this relationship to breaking point. That process began today.

“Sahi kaam garne ke liye galat raasta bhi teekh hai”

Vansh is a man possessed, he will not brook any interference in his plans. While he may have overlooked or chose to ignore Riddhima’s meddlesome attitude earlier, he will not prove to be merciful if her meddling undo’s what he has been working towards like a zealot since this past 3 years. Unfortunately, Riddhima is not someone who can be expected to behave rationally. Impulsive & emotional, she can be extraordinarily stubborn & tenacious, Riddhima has firmly slotted Vansh in murderer’s shoes & has decided to rescue Ragini from his clutches. Vansh is aware of it and so he plans an elaborate charade to scare her out of her wits. He plays on her fears, projecting himself as the worst villain of the piece. Riddhima swallow the act, trusts implicitly that he is indeed evil incarnate & is even more determined to save Ragini.

The confrontation scene in bedroom made for intriguing viewing. Riddhima whose various transgressions against family members were forgiven or just brushed aside will no more have Vansh’s umbrella to take the heat. Vansh who is swinging between a concerned husband & a angry man is going to the other extreme leaving her bereft of his support. She has to find the path leading to him. The relationship she broke due to her actions will have to be repaired by her. 


It has been my surmise (again made in one of my previous post), that Riddhima will have to return to Kabir. The link between them will not be ending anytime soon. With the thought, lets look into how it may play out.. Riddhima has informed Kabir about Ragini being alive. A proposition that would be wholly unwelcome for Kabir who wants to own & rule the Raisinghania empire. But a golden opportunity to finally get Vansh to swing by the gallows.

What if Kabir kills Ragini & creates an impression that Vansh murdered her. Something which Riddhima will believe quite easily. She will go all out against Vansh (keep in mind Ishani’s constant warnings about Riddhima), grievously jeopardizing his life or throwing a big wrench in his life only for the penny to drop when it is almost too late.

Conjecture 2:

Kabir & Riddhima collaborate to bring Vansh to justice. They search and find several circumstantial evidence that will convict Vansh to serious prison term.  This series of events creates a situation where Vansh has no other option or where Dadi/Sia has no other option other than to tell the truth about Ragini. The reason behind Vansh’s actions and what he actually meant when he spoke about and to Ragini.

A shell shocked Riddhima rushes to free her husband but is stonewalled by a triumphant Kabir who is in no mood to listen to Riddhima with partial reveal of Kabir to Riddhima. When everything seems lost, that accursed memory card might actually be the savior of Vansh, who knows !!

Conjecture 3 :

A blend of Conjecture 1 & Conjecture 2 ! 

Kudos to Rrahul Sudhir for the sterling acting he did in today’s episode!

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