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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 100 : Mrigtrishna!

Riddhima gets a much needed reality check !

Vansh gets a wake up call !!

Riddhima turns Gandhari !

Anupriya & Kabir’s “chip”ka rishta!

** From all sources, it would seem we are back to square one yet we are not, are we? 

The flimsy relationship that was knitting between Vansh & Riddhima ripped apart when put to mildest pressure. Rightly so for it was a relationship that built on false premises & assumptions.

Riddhima who had entered VR Mansion with devious intention slowly became enamored of the family man that Vansh turned out to be. She began to fall in love with a man who gave her strength when she fell weak, who rescued her time & again without asking for any favors, who treated her with courtesy. She began to fall in love with a man who was affectionate, caring & protective. She fell in love with a patriarch who ensured people under his roof were taken care of. 

But that was just a facet of Vansh & not the whole being of Vansh, was it?

From the time of their introduction, Vansh has been extremely suspicious of Riddhima. He put her through various tests, all of which Riddhima passed through sheer luck or due to proactive reaction of Kabir. When she nearly gave up her life for him, his suspicion colored with gratitude making him lower his guard slightly. His suspicion began to lull a bit when she began to actively involve herself in his life with seemingly no hidden motive. He began to relax, lessen his vigil on her.

But the truth lay somewhere …

Today both their assumptions lie shattered! The illusion they lived under is finally stripped of its power leaving them to face the harsh truth!

Riddhima thinks herself in love with Vansh & she is in love with him, make no mistake about it.. but her love is that of a young girl’s, a girl who dreams of a knight riding a white steed. She is in love with the knight & has not yet realized that a knight primarily earns his title by slaying lives of the enemies. The cloak he wears is washed with the blood of those people who threatened him. A knight for you is a murderer for the adversaries. A protector of you invariably protects you by destroying the protection shield of the foes. The day she understands this and embraces both the colors will be the day she will be truly in love!

Even today when she overhears Angre & Vansh’s conversation, when she sees the gun.. her immediate impulse is shock, she is unable to believe that Vansh can be a criminal. She seeks time to process, to absorb what she has seen .. WHY? Because as she pertinently pointed out, TODAY she is Vansh’s wife  & not Kabir’s girl friend!

Kabir’s girlfriend would have been doing a overjoyed Garba & running to ring up Kabir to pass on this joyous news but Vansh’s wife does not want to believe that her husband is criminal, that her husband has imprisoned a girl for his own reasons. She wants to find out more about the issue before she will even consider the terrible alternatives available to her.

When she walks into the bedroom & sees her husband waiting there. She does not break into a sweat of terror nor does she taunt him like Kabir’s girlfriend used to do. Rather, she probes him for answers, for honesty, for reason to justify her belief on him…

How about Vansh? He is a volcano waiting to explode but years of training has given him tremendous self control. Despite getting the proof of Riddhima’s “treachery”, he does not follow through in the act of punishing her or even murdering her. Though he does issue a veiled warning to Riddhima cautioning her against doing anything detrimental to the safety of his family!

Notice the difference in his attitude, earlier he would be charming, suave, flirtatious trying to tease her into confession, He used to deliberately set out to terrify her, to scare the truth out of her ..Today he is barely holding it in, his lips quivering in suppressed fury, his eyes speaking betrayal, he still gives her a chance to explain. But Riddhima denies of having any secrets to share!

How would she have any secrets to share? For her secrets are for her love, Vansh & not for this stranger, the coldly angry Vansh Raisinghania. If Vansh had asked she would spilled the beans but the man in front of her was Vansh Raisinghania, an unknown and one whom she does not love! 


I love the meticulous attention that this PH pays to loops. The loop opened with Riddhima coming in as Kabir’s fiancee & will end with Riddhima becoming Vansh’s wife. The loop began with Riddhima trying to find proof against Vansh and will end with Riddhima finding proof for Vansh. The loop began with Riddhima doing everything within her powers to sabotage, harm, end the relationship now she will do everything to sustain, redeem and nurture the relationship (although her actions may not seem so).


Ragini is that storm that will either cleanse Riddhima of her misgivings. As Riddhima so pointedly said, after DOUBT comes CLARITY. She is in doubting stage..If she manages to weather the Ragini storm, she will get her clarity, if she does not she will be swept off to the sea to drown !


S1 :

I wonder whether we are going to Bappa track. On that day, she was being thrown out by Vansh for daring to burn his mother’s portrait. She was stopped by Dadi who solemnly told her to not repeat the mistake. Riddhima assures Dadi that she will not do so anymore..

That day she fell into the trap of Anupriya blindly believing what she said as gospel truth, will she repeat that mistake again by believing Ragini over Vansh? In her quest to get justice for Ragini, will she hurt her husband leading to her ouster?

Is Ragini the Marich/mareech that will set Riddhima on the path of doom?

S2 :

Dadi said ” whenever needed, you both jump to support each other” 

So after initial misunderstanding, will Riddhima begin to inkling of Ragini & her manipulative nature? Although she may not get the whole picture, will she realize that it is NOT Vansh but Ragini who is the threat.

On the other side, Kabir & his mother are frantically searching for the chip. Assume that Anupriya gets it.. Kabir will be there the next instant with his posse of police to arrest Vansh on charges of murdering Ragini. Riddhima can bring living, breathing Ragini & thwart the triumphant gloating of Kabir.

The journey of RiAnsh began with mutual suspicion bordering on hostility. During the sojourn, Riddhima gradually began to fall in love with a man who was her prince charming, her love will complete a full circle when she accepts both the dark & light shades of Vansh & thus in the process becoming the woman equal to Vansh Raisinghania. The woman with whom Vansh Raisinghania will fall in love irrevocably, the woman who will reign his heart mercilessly, the woman who will be his shadow to the light & the brightness to his darkness. Yes, this is not just a journey for Riddhima but this actually is journey of Vansh. 

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