Ishq Mein Marjawaan 2 Episode 39 : The Destruction of Vansh Rai Singhania

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 – a show that is getting wildly popular  primarily for its pair and its unexpected twists and turns. I finally succumbed to my curiosity and went in for a peak yesterday and ended up watching the scenes of Riddhima and Vansh from beginning to end!

While I may not have caught all the nuances and subtleties of the series yet, I am sufficiently enthralled and impelled to write on ‘RiAnsh’ who are the flavor of the season and of mine too.

Episode 39 starts with Riddhima snooping inside the secret room that everyone seems to know about. To her shock and dismay, Riddhima discovers another statue . She with her fixation of Vansh being the direct descendant of Satan concludes, Vansh had murdered the lady and made a statue after killing her in a fit of remorse *Mind Voice – If Vansh had killed only 2 people (by Riddhima’s logic of statue creation) , then Vansh is a saint in the world of mafia & ought to be worshipped*

While a horrified Riddhima pursues her search for evidence that would convict Vansh as a criminal in the secret room, Vansh arrives at the door of the self same secret room only to be accosted by Aryan who tries to needle him  but as usual he is given the same attention as a annoying fly gets from us.

Vansh, much to Aryan’s surprise is able to open the secret room. He walks inside. Alerted by the noise, Riddhima quickly hides and bears witness to Vansh finally baring his emotions in front of and to the statue. After controlling himself, Vansh walks out of the secret room much to immense surprise of lurking Aryan who was expecting a bitter quarrel between Vansh & Riddhima.

Pretty soon Riddhima follows Vansh out of the door and yet again is confronted by Aryan who seems to have stuck himself to that spot with fevicol *Mazbooti ka jhod hai* . Riddhima mocks Aryan on his foolishness living a livid Aryan who vows revenge on both Riddhima & Vansh ( who of course are quaking in fear at this threat)

Next day dawns and Riddhima comes carrying breakfast to Vansh. She is stopped at the door primarily due to 2 things; 1. a locked door and another the sound of breaking glasses inside. Riddhima is puzzled and worried. she knocks to no avail and then she rushes the door, when it is opened by Vansh from the other side. The self respecting girl does what every heroine has done before her, she promptly falls in the arms of Vansh and there follows a looooooong simmering eyelock. Quickly recovering herself, Riddhima looks about finding shards of glasses, broken pieces littered everywhere. She offers help and is shrugged of disdainfully by Vansh who walks out of the room leaving a heavily puzzled Riddhima to fix the pieces which she does with her usual fixation on Vansh being the murderer.

There follows a brief scene where Dadi tells the importance of Ganeshji taking the avatar of Vakratunda, ending the menace of demons. This buoys the flagging confidence of Riddhima who decides to get into a vengeful avatar and cough out a murder confession from Vansh – Will it work ?

My Take

To me the most important scene of the day was Dadi’s recital of Ganeshji and the demon. Riddhima heard the story and applied it on herself as being a person out to destroy a demon called Vansh. But Dadi in her story telling explains quite clearly, that God sometimes have to take a avatar to destroy a life ! sometimes that life has to be taken for the greater good of many. So what if Vansh had to become that person , the person who took the life of a demon because otherwise that demon would have vanquished HIS family ! Would Vansh be considered a demon for destroying a person or a righteous protector who saved his family? – It all depends on where you stand, isn’t it? To some, Vansh will be a demon but to many others he will be their protector!

Where will Riddhima stand in the final call?

Riddhima at the moment is a guided missile. She has been programmed to think of Vansh as the ultimate evil that has to be ended. But flaws are creeping into her programming, while she continues to think of Vansh  as the penultimate evil, she is also witnessing moments when Vansh has let down his guard, has caught glimpses of his emotional vulnerability. Conflict is arriving for Riddhima, not yet, but soon when what she has been brainwashed into is going to war against what she is seeing & Riddhima will have to pay a heavy price ! I hope she is ready !

Aryan, Now what can I say about this fool, he is a fool who thinks everybody else are fools. A whiny, entitled brat who thinks he will make a better emperor. He thinks he is playing a clever game but all his games are acting as a catalyst bringing Riddhima closer to Vansh. Vansh, the man who carries torment and pain within his heart. Vansh, who has stoically borne the betrayals by his trusted and loved ones. Vansh, the man who manfully shouldered the burden of the entire Rai Singhania’s despite there being elders in the family. Vansh, the caring brother who looks after his siblings . Ohh Yes !! Aryan is the catalyst who will bring Riddhima close to Vansh and help tear down the mask of Vansh Rai Singhania .. A day I am waiting for eagerly!!

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