IPKKND Episode 3 : Jalebi’s Home ! | Barun Sobti | Sanaya Irani | Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

The Contrast between the two principal characters could not be more stark, yet they were bound by similarities too.

While the ‘incident’ is done & dusted for Arnav, it is shaking the world of Khushi and her family. In order to overcome the stress, Khushi plonks herself in her father’s shop and just when viewer’s were expecting something drastic or perhaps a heartbreaking bawling, she starts the stove and starts making Jalebi’s !!

What a perfect and unexpected anti-climax!

While one hand is busily making Jalebi’s, the other one is completely focused and busy in pushing it into her mouth. so the night cometh to an end with lingering sweetness in her hand and mouth.

Dawn and morn brings her father in search of Khushi. Find her almost buried under the Jalebi hill, the father understands his beti is upset. Instead of scolding Khushi for wasting raw materials and almost entirely demolishing the inventory of the shop. He calmly sits and talks it out with Khushi.

He does not rebuke her or hold her responsible for the broken wedding. Rather he is pained that his daughter considered him a dough boy, pliable and incapable of taking a stand. He does admit that he was wrong in going through with the wedding but at the same time he points out the mistake of Khushi too.

[Considering that this show came somewhere in those times when Dowry was a norm (it still is in many places) and a broken or stalled wedding was considered an unwashable stigma, which usually ended a young girl’s life even before it began, the show was bold in its statement of ” Breakdown of Wedding is not the End & giving dowry is BAD” . It is heartening to note that of late, many brides have boldly broken the wedding at the mandap after discovering some unpalatable truths about their future partners!]

Babuji comes across as a caring father, yet Khushi did not rush to him when she wanted comfort. She did not run to him to pour her heart out. Instead, she sought out a shop, a food to allay her pain, her guilt – an outsider !

On this side of the fence, Arnav has just won the lottery of his life, he has reclaimed and outwitted his slimy uncle. But does he rejoice, throw a party or atleast spend the day with his family crowing about his success? Nope ! the day finds him standing all alone, away from the crowd, from his family quietly watching the vista spread out before him. The stillness in him is not the calmness of achievement but of immense control on his volatile emotions. He presents an image of implacable monolith but is a highly sensitive, deeply hurt man clamoring for closure. A closure which unfortunately is not forthcoming.

Two individuals who prefer to soak their sorrow within themselves rather than lighten the load by sharing them with their loved one’s. Two people with family , nevertheless outsiders to their own.

Two lonely souls who yearn to ‘belong’ . One thought being a dutiful daughter, a caring and protective sister will soothe the yearning and give her the family that she so desperately craves . Another thought avenging the wrong of past will heal the wounds. Both were wrong. The void in their souls remained vacant!

How could it be filled when these two were meant to fill that void? He was her jalebi and she was his home, though neither knew it at that time.


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