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Review of Episode 1 of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Marriage !! That cataclysmic event that contains chaos, stress, sorrow, mishaps and unbridled joy within its womb!

Marriage the beginning of new phase, Marriage – that claim to adulthood, of responsibility, Marriage, that final shove that nudges you from the shelter of your parents wings & finally MARRIAGE, that began it all for Khushi and Arnav!

The day dawns bright and clear with laughter ringing out, mirth bubbling like a freshly opened champagne, a large courtyard decked in flowers, Women scurrying about like a busy butterflies in pursuit of nectar.. It is a day made for happiness, for unbridled joy – the daughter of the house is getting married !! Yes, it indeed is the occasion for celebration, yet  a frown covers the face of the bride, eyes which should have been twinkling in hope and dreams of future are full of worries, tension and dread ! And she has grave cause for concern, their family owned shop, their only means of livelihood, the one that kept the roof over their heads during rain and shine is about to be given away as a trade off !

The bride and her younger sister are talking it over, their conversation illuminates their simplicity, their innocence and their naivety. Optimism runs through their conversation as they genuinely hope that the bridegroom is oblivious of the deal. The spirited younger sister opts to get to the root of the matter and inform the bridegroom directly about his mother’s greed.

True to her name Khushi ! Khushi hopes that a simple, direct approach will solve the matters paving the way for her jiji’s happiness. Resolute and determined, Khushi leaves the marriage venue to correct the destiny of her sister’s future, unaware that in her drive, she is heading out to meet her fate and also irrevocably alter the destinies of the whole family including the elder sister.

While the sheltered and protected fledgling leaves the warm cocoon and heads out to big, bad, world… A wild hawk is seen flying to its roost. Let’s follow the hawk’s trajectory, shall we?

Khushi staring at Chopper

The hawk lands in front of a palatial mansion, one might even be forgiven for thinking it as a palace, for such is its grandeur and cold beauty. Arnav Singh Raizada stares at the mansion, emotions are tearing through and within him, not a shred of it visible on his face. For all purposes, his face might have been carved off a marble , cold, withdrawn, detached and eyes, that so called ‘window to soul’ could challenge and emerge as a winner against the Artic in its frostiness.

Ignoring the crowd, oblivious to the shouted questions, Arnav strides ahead to right the wrong, to quell the raging beast marauding within. A deal awaits him however, unlike Khushi, here Arnav is the master and the master slays in style !! The big question is, has this deal laid the ghosts to rest? or is Arnav still a haunted man?

Arnav hosts fashion show

To Commemorate his victory, Arnav organizes a fashion show. There is not a drop of happiness in him, neither is he in a celebrating mode nor is he even remotely interested in the proceedings, he watches the parade in supreme indifference, detached, remote until a commotion jerks him back. He rises fluidly, his eyes taking in a slender girl who clearly does not belong there, an untamed, fresh flower amidst a garden of plastic flowers. He raises his hands to catch the flailing and falling flower and meets his Destiny!

When I watched this show years ago, there were a lot of things that escaped my notice or moments/scenes that I did not pay attention to. This is my attempt to pen down those errant thoughts and muses.

Qila Fateh ! or Victory over the fortress – I now have a deep appreciation for this word and how it was worked into the episode by Gul Khan. Qila Fateh karke aayenge says Khushi and heads towards where her would be ‘brother in law’ is staying. Her journey is not smooth, she bumps into many, gets stared at and then a small but crucial by-play when one ‘Romeo’ slyly suggests that ‘She’ is running away from wedding altar! Please bear in mind that the connotation of ‘bride’ is given here ! 

Khushi turns and sees a young boy gawking at her and at her attire, Khushi impulsively says that she is dressed as a princess for a school competition, the boy innocently asks about her Prince. Khushi raises her eyes towards the skies in mortification and exasperation, when a chopper cuts through her vision. Of-course, the obvious connection is made, that there flying in that beast is Khushi’s prince.

But at that time neither know that fact, Khushi is still intent on doing her ‘Qila Fateh’ and where is the Chopper heading? To Sheesh mahal, a structure that resembles a Qila in many aspects!

Arnav looking at Sheesh Mahal


But the Qila does not belong to the Prince flying in the chopper! And here Khushi’s Devimayya comes into Her own ! The prince is flying out and towards a predetermined destination with one and one purpose only! At all costs, he wants to avenge the injustice meted out  him and his sister.

Arnav coldly staring

Vendetta, they say is cold, Arnav Singh Raizada would be a ice berg of vendetta ! He marches in, in one quick stroke and without a drop of blood spilled, acquires the Qila that was snatched away from him. He thinks this is his ‘Qila fateh’ moment ! NO!! This is the beginning of his tryst with destiny.


Meanwhile, Khushi seeking her qila reaches the venue, unaware of the tumultuous event that occurred moments back. Unmindful of the fact that the qila she has reached has just been won over by her prince. She walks in to set right the wrongs, to bring in the happiness to her family, little does she know that she has been sent by her Devimayya to usher in the happiness to not only her family but also to that man who does not even know he has lost happiness, to a man who has forgotten to feel .. Khushi marches in to meet her destiny, the runaway bride to meet her prince charming, her every step leading to her Qila Fateh moment !

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