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Imlie : The Fiery Colors !!

Holi, that vibrant festival that embraces all colors while opening the doors of life to one and all. Holi, that usher -er of light after dark, gloomy, winters. Holi has come into Imlie’s life too.

After a long, dreary, winter where she had to see her former life shattering to smithereens, where she had to face slur on her character.. Imlie is beginning to walk out of shadows. But is Imlie ready? I think not!. Imlie has faced too many betrayals, has been let down multiple times by people she thought were her own that now she has begun to second guess her instincts. However, it is not just her instincts that is making her hesitant but also , as yet unrealized emotions that she has kept her on edge, emotions caused by the presence of Aryan.

Aryan – An enigmatic man who has taken deep interest in Imlie. A self made man whose words & actions appear opposing, stirring confusion in Imlie, for she does not know whether to trust her eyes and ear or listen to her heart. A woman who once listened to her heart and was betrayed. The pain is still raw, the anguish is real and before she can heal , here comes Aryan – is he the balm or the one who will scratch the wound afresh!!

Confusion swirl in Imlie’s mind like the colors of Holi encompassing the air.

How gently was this brought out during the occasion of Holi. Both Aryan and Imlie inebriated, their inhibitions down but not fully gone. A frustrated Imlie finally snaps, the confusion that was simmering within, the fear that has taken root bursts forth in words of annoyance, pain, hope.

The barricades of insecurity and loss that had so far kept them guarded in each other’s presence is slightly lowered. Imlie expresses her feelings, her expectations and her impressions that is preventing her from getting closer to Aryan. She is not angry that Aryan is out to take revenge on Aditya, the earlier anger has simmered down.. she has accepted it and will take actions to prevent it .. no, what hurts her the most is that she thinks, Aryan USED her to get at Aditya. The same way she has been used by almost everyone in her life at one time or the other. It hurts that the one who she thought to be HER friend, the one who she thought had her back is now stabbing her. Aryan has been her guide, mentor & a friend who treated her as an equal. He did not coddle her, was not condescending about her status or her education. He gave her the respect that she was entitled to. Was that all a sham, a trap ? Was she the bait to lure Aditya to his destruction? Colors of confusion reign in her mind.

On the other hand, Aryan is not faring better either. Yes, he is in control, at least outwardly but his feelings towards Imlie has made him vulnerable. He is afraid to bare himself completely to Imlie, for she is a girl who will not be fooled by the façade he has put up and will go straight for the truth – the truth that he has ‘feelings’, that he cares and loves her. He is afraid that Imlie will up & leave him to his fates IF she comes to know HIM. He is afraid to let her go but he will not succumb to fear and hold her prisoner.

** The way his taut body relaxes after Imlie confirms that “she will return” to his “Tum Aaogi na”  .. subtly shows how much Aryan fears losing Imlie but at the same time, he trusts her enough to let her follow her own path, believes her when she says, she will return – a moment that was nicely done by Fahmaan & Atif**

Then comes the moment : She returns !! Imlie comes with colors, colors that heal the wounds, wounds that he incurred whilst shielding her from trouble. Wounds that he bore silently without a whimper. There’s joy that she kept her word, she cared and then there’s that triumphant feeling that he won defying the odds..

Now comes the flip, from a man who was savoring the healing touch of a concerned Imlie, he turns it into a dare, challenging her, forcing her to step up, to meet him equally. Imlie does successfully block Aryan but her naivete shines through when she fails to realize that there are sneaky methods to get one’s goal and that even your near & dears are not exempt from temptations.. So lo & behold, Aryan willy-nilly applies the colors on Imlie.. blending him in her, her in him, .. The single tear a testimony that whether Imlie knows it or not but somewhere she has let herself be colored in his colors!!

Mera Ranjha, main raanjhe di
Ranjha hai chit-chor
Je karke wo mil jaaye ta
Ki chahida hai hor



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