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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Trigger

A wonderful & interesting episode that puts forth beautifully the changing equation between two young, naive & emotional people. The relationship equation is not just changing but has changed to some extent with respect to both.

Virat’s growing emotional feelings for Sai is interfering with his ability to stay calm, to be objective. Her proximity to Ajinkya is spurring his insecurity demon. Even in the dance face off, Virat does not stop or rush to help Ajinkya when latter falls midperformance, an act that would be considered normal or natural, considering that he comes from Police background, “EXPECTED” but what we see is a Virat solely focused on winning. The win does not matter to him, the WIN is everything for him.

For a man reeling under massive complexes, having been constantly told he is pretty mediocre looking, that he is considerably old, that this marriage is an arrangement of duties than a bonding of emotions, connecting of lives. This WIN is a must for Virat, to prove to Sai that he is worthy, suitable & up her alley. Besides as explained beautifully, his dance off was his way of keeping Sai’s pride & esteem intact. It was an husband’s ode to his wife. A wife who made an unreasonable & out of blue request. A request that could have ended up in his public humiliation. Here is a man who has willingly put himself through the fire for the sake of his wife, had he been the straitlaced Virat Chavan of yore, he would have just given a blank stare or a curt rejection & walked off stage. But emotions has changed, he has changed & the change is propelling him into doing things that he would have never contemplated earlier. Virat is changing but is it enough?

Then there is Sai, Whose one line refrain has been, still is – “deal marriage”, “Zimmedari”. Sai is naïve but is not a fool. It is interesting that when she compares the “friend & friendship” aspect, she pits her relationship against Sunny’s & not against Pakhi’s. Because she understands very well, that the kind of relationship Virat & Pakhi had, had nothing ‘friendshippy’ about it yet she remains oblivious about the unstated emotions or changes in her relationship with Virat.

Part of this stems from her blinkered focus on the “deal marriage”. Today her remarks clearly illustrates that she understands “married life”, she knows about spousal relationship but Virat’s warning note on the day of wedding prevents her or stops her from believing & committing to a relationship with Virat.

But is it really?

Despite being determined to stay out of any relationship zone, Sai subconsciously has donned the mantle of Virat’s wife. Inspite of being resolute on not ‘falling in love’ with Virat, she already has begun to soften towards him. Sai may not be completely in love with Virat but she has considerable affection and concern that borders on love. When Virat tells Sai to leave since she seems to be committed to a time bound ‘zimmedari marriage’, she absolutely refuses to budge from Chavan House.

Whereas the earlier version of Sai would have done “Apparition/disapparition” the moment Virat suggests her relocation. The current Sai finds innumerable reason to stay at a house that has made her life a living nightmare periodically.  Where Sai had point blank refused to be “friends” with Virat, she now asks him, “What is he, if not a friend?”. An answer she wants to know keenly, a reply that is not coming.

A Sai who could not stop herself from rushing to hospital, a Sai who insisted on taking care of her injured husband, A Sai who at her most vulnerable revealed that Virat is the only one for her, the one with whom she feels complete, with whom she belongs. But whisper “love”, Sai will clam up. Because from her stand point, she is NOT eligible for “love” or “commitment” in this current set up.

Another part is her youth, a time where everything begins with them, their point of view, opinion & ends with them. Their perspective is colored by this thought. A classic example was highlighted today when Virat questions about his ‘dance off’, her reply was that ,’He, Virat wanted to prove his superiority’.  From a young girl who is ignorant of relationship nuances, from a student who thinks each & everything is competitive, from someone who always strives to be the best – this reaction/thought is completely expected for she is a teenager despite her “maturity” in other areas. It takes a calm, self possessed Virat to offer her a different view, enlighten her on relationship puzzles & at the same time offer his own perspective as a husband.

From her subsequent action, Sai shows that she has heard Virat but has not listened to him. A thing Virat picks upon instantly but does not pursue it realizing the futility of it.

How then will the distance be bridged?

For something to connect them or even take them to next level, you need a catalyst, a trigger. While numerous attempts of Virat indicating his changed feelings has not penetrated Sai, While Sai openly stated confusion regarding the contrasting feelings of Virat has not compelled Virat to open his mouth & state his fears, uncertainties & emotions in clear words… A trigger can help these to overcome this hurdles.

A trigger that may come in the form of Pakhi. Quite early on in the episode we saw how displeased she was when Kaku & others shared the dais with Sai. A move that would imply that Sai is finding favor among Trimurti’s. A move that a woman like Pakhi will do anything to nip in the bud. This factor coupled with her terror of ‘loosing’ Virat & the very real fear of Sai ‘Winning’ might or will push Pakhi on to dangerous grounds.

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