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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin E69 : Fates !!

Relationships, be it of any nature does not stays still, changes churns within even when appearing tranquil on the surface. The same applies to Chavan house and in particular in the lives of Sai, Pakhi & Virat.

Virat enters the house, face alight in joy as he knows Pakhi has come home. His searching eyes looking for her everywhere. when the senior Chavan’s momentarily apply the brakes on his searching gaze. As usual they start “Sai Bajao” orchestra but Jr.Chavan is not in the mood for songs. The smile that had lit his face on hearing about the “Glorious Miracles of Pakhi” quickly evaporates as he succinctly informs his family, how the miracle actually came about.

While this may appear trifle and of no consequences, It becomes quite significant when you consider the simple fact that here was a man who had come rushing into the house looking for Pakhi but CHOSE to STAY and ROSE TO DEFEND Sai at the COST of Pakhi !. Had Virat truly been blindly smitten by Pakhi, there he would have stood by quietly as family completed their quota of ‘Sai Bhajan’ and did the usual ‘Pakhi Worship’ – A worship that he too used to do earlier but the frequency of which has come down lately.

Virat is smitten by ‘what could have been (with Pakhi) ‘ but is rapidly waking up to reality. Although he remains ignorant of the changes happening within him and with him. He is no more the guy who quietly stood as his wife used to get whipped or who would attempt to keep everyone happy. He has begun to take a stand for HIS wife without being noisy about it.

Virat, the man who had told off Sai against interfering in HIS family equation now actually defends her when Ninad chides Sai for attempting to befriend Devi. A son who worshipped his father now will not stand by mutely, the husband in him will retort when his wife is unfairly maligned. A beautifully silent but meaningful long exchange between Sai & Virat through their eyes as the tamasha goes on  brings home the point the approaching closeness of their relationship.

Where Virat is the backbone for Sai, Sai becomes the motivator for Ashwini, the woman who had been long buried under the bitterness wrought by the Chavan parivar. The diamond hidden within her core has begun to shine, her light illuminating the jewel that is Sai, a jewel that Virat has begun to treasure more and more. A fact that is causing distress to Pakhi.

Even though Virat has not become aware of the extent that Sai has begun to grow in him, Pakhi who has been vigilantly keeping a watch over them is aware of the growing proximity of Sai & virat. She has also realized the attraction that Virat has begun to feel for Sai. Pakhi is jealous about it, feels an helpless frustration over their relationships. This frustration finds its outlet in sharp words that try to put down Sai on the sly or provoke a reaction from Virat, wanting to know what exactly is in heart. A heart that he has zealously kept closed and has firmly locked, not allowing  either Pakhi or Sai a peek.

But where feelings come in, what is a closed heart or locked heart. Despite innumerable attempts of Virat to remind himself about ‘duty’ being the only bedrock of his & Sai relationship. He is getting slowly drawn to her, whilst he thinks he prefers the ‘maturity’ of Pakhi, it is the ‘child like openness’ of Sai that enchants him. Sai’s blunt words, her strength and her values impress him. With her, Virat becomes who he is and not what is expected of him. In Sai’s presence, he comes alive, in Sai, he finds himself ! An observation that has escaped the astute officer!

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