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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin E 98 : What Heart Wants !

One of those episode that carried serious drama & light, fun filled sun shine in heaped quantities.

As is my won’t, I skipped the drama & leapt to the sunshine part which was replete with Virat and his blooming feelings for Sai..of which he happily remains ignorant of.

Virat, the brave, fearless, upright officer held in high regard by his superiors and looked up in respect by his peers & juniors is a changed man nowadays. Though he remains brave & fearless ..the upright part has gone slightly wonky ..

The man who once refused to use his official position to find the number of the girl with whom he had fallen in love is now replaced by an officer who has no qualms in using his official position to investigate & intimidate a young, upright  civilian who has no chargesheet nor seems to be shady character.. all because HIS wife spent few minutes raving about him!

The best part is Virat himself is unaware of the change within him (otherwise he would have scampered off on some deadly mission). Here’s a man who thought he has fallen in love, found his soul mate and lost her due to circumstances..Here’s a man who made a solemn promise to never ever share his life with a companion.. Here’s a man who took upon a helpless female as a responsibility reacting “emotionally” and without any rational reasoning behind his actions!

Virat who thought his life was over has not yet realized that the so called “love” he had for Pakhi has evaporated. What is holding him back is ‘honor’..the promise he made, it holds much value than the fleeting emotions he had developed for Pakhi. But even a misplaced honor cannot halt the flood of emotion called love, particularly when it chooses to come uninvited.

So here he is on a bright sunny day, sauntering into his wife’s college, to check out the competition and cow the competition into submission using his authority if required. Because whether Virat Chavan of Chavan Parivar knows it or not, his heart has picked up Sai as its queen & it will fight for her, come  hell or high water.. toh yeh Virat, IPS kis khet ki mooli? Duh!!

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