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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin E 92: Adamant !!

A situation that could have been averted had the elders showed a magnanimous heart & Sai restrained her impetuous spark. But it again fell to Virat to play the role of fire extinguisher which he did with due diligence. But not before pointing out the rigidity & inherent partiality of treatment prevailing in Chavan house.

Pushing aside the growing manipulative nature of Pakhi aside, she did have a point .. Sai is not a child and neither can she expect to be treated as a princess , the way her aaba treated her, the way she lived in Gad Chiroli. She bossed & dominated her father but to think that a joint family will put up with her outspokenness, her blunt words sometimes bordering on rudeness is stretching it too far. Virat has tried to point it out to her, has tried to tell her that though her intent is not wrong, her approach is not something that will endear herself to everyone. But Sai who has firmly slotted him in Pakhi camp is resistant to his well meaning advice. Coming from him, it would seem to her to suggest that she is lacking, she needs to change herself, she is uncouth ..An unpleasant notion that will raise the hackles of any strong minded person & Sai is one.

So Pulkit,the introduction of Pulkit was much needed.. here is a man who openly admires her intelligence and has not looked down upon her nor given Sai any reason to feel trapped. By inviting her to come to him whenever she needed any guidance, he has opened a door for her to grow, to understand the perspectives of different persons & how to take them in stride.. She may not cease to be impulsive but she will have a better handle on it.

Advice & suggestions coming from an uninvolved third person, one who moreover is not showing any preferences will be better heeded. Pulkit’s introduction into Sai’s life was that much needed healing balm & a pillar that would support the slowly blooming Sai Virat relationship.

Where Sai has firmly fixated the idea that Virat is “deeply in love” with Pakhi & has no place for her..Virat is equally convinced that Sai is his “responsibility”, nothing more, nothing less.. He does not pause to think why he wants his family to approve Sai,his responsibility.. He does not wonder why he feels happy when Sai gets appreciation.. He has not given a moments thought as to why he felt angry and borderline jealous when he heard her talking to a handsome young man. Whether Virat realizes it or not but Sai has made inroads into his heart, a heart that he thinks belongs to Pakhi.

The moment he realizes it, he will try to fight it or do what he is best at, suppress it. The best moment for Virat to realize his emotions is when his feelings have grown to such a strength that he has no other option but to surrender himself to it.. Any inkling about his feelings, he will go into straight denial which would prove counter productive to his relationship.

Coming to the best moment of the day:

Sai still stubborn & angry refuses to drink much less eat anything from the Chavan house. She is pained by the utter callousness of the family, a family from whom she longs for some softness but knows that she is not going to get any ..

But there is one person who can be with her and from whom she DOES expect “REACTION” .. As Sai continues her obstinate tantrum  with Usha Maushi..In walks Virat, tired after a long haul at his police station.. Not a moments respite, as his raking glance takes in a worried Usha Maushi & a stubborn faced Sai.

On coming to know the issue, Virat calmly assures Usha that he will take care of it, a relieved Usha leaves the scene.. Unhurriedly, Virat approaches a huffy & miffed Sai who has no intention of getting mollified or taking any medications from him… But Virat knows just the button to push Sai into taking the meds & he does..

One of those moments that subtly underlines the equations between Sai & Virat .. Expectations & care from Virat despite loudly saying Virat is her ‘zimmedari ‘ pati … Understanding & knowing how to handle Sai, the way Kamal Joshi knew .. Patience, calmness ..

Did I say Patience, calmness ? Boy, that just flew out of the window the moment Amay was even mentioned.. The jealousy & anger that had gone for a hibernation sprang up like a lively spring as soon as Sai mentions “Amay” .. Where he behaved as her friend, mentor earlier.. now it was full on possessive husband who does not like the idea of HIS wife flirting with any Tom, Dick & Harry … Why he feels so murderous is something Virat has to think about someday..not just Virat even perceptive Sai has to hit pause mode on her laser like focus n reflect why Virat went ballistic on that fateful day & why his hackles rise whenever Amay’s name is brought up?

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