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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin E 71 : Blessings, Balloons & Candy floss !

An episode that showed both the maturity & immaturity of Sai without judging her actions.

Sai takes Virat by surprise when she obediently & without any argument bends down to take his blessings. A startled Virat stops Sai midway but is bowled over by Sai’s acknowledgement of his impact on her life. A moment that brings forth the suppressed jealousy of Pakhi. Her bitterness comes forth in twisted words aimed at hurting Sai, Virat’s soothing words works as a balm on Sai while it keeps Pakhi momentarily quiet. Karishma,the busy beaver of Chavan house loses no time in pouring hot ghee in the fire burning in Pakhi’s heart.

** Two girls from different backgrounds married into same family yet what a contrasting mindset & life do they get.

This was a momentous occasion for Sai, a day she has been dreaming about since forever. A moment she had hoped to share and enjoy with her Aabha who is her world . But today the man who was her pillar of strength is not there to share in her moment of glory. Aabha who was focal point of Sai’s world is no more, Sai misses her Aabha but she has refused to succumb to the bitterness. In the eyes of the world, Sai might be an orphan but Sai has begun to build her own tiny family in the cherished warmth of her Aayi, Bua and most importantly, her Virat Sir.

A man she held responsible for her father’s death has now become her friend, her guide, her partner and something more. The girl who refused to take Virat’s blessings not so long ago, has begun to understand the man, has begun to respect his actions but more importantly she will NOT see her husband belittled even indirectly. When Pakhi taunts about Sai, implying that Sai will not take Virat’s blessings cuz she does not have the manners nor the respect for him, Sai quietly and without any dramatic gesture proceeds to take Virat’s blessing right there in front of everyone, not allowing any stain on his dignity and at the same time openly acknowledging his help & support in her life.

If Sai’s aabha is her sun, Virat is her moon.. Where Aabha strengthens her, Virat unstinting support & guidance grounds her. Together they balance her. Sai has had a traumatic experience but she has not cut herself off from life. With Aabha as her anchor, she is building her own tiny little nest with able help from her husband Virat.

Whereas, Pakhi , the accomplished, sensible woman is caught in the past. Her own stubbornness and her refusal to accept her fate has stopped her from moving on in life. Caught in past, she has cut herself off from others, preferring isolation to company, opting for silent grief than open laughter. Her choices have not brought her anything but unhappiness. Her unhappiness is slowly turning into bitterness. The growing closeness between Virat & Sai alarms her, she watches helpless as Virat becomes more & more involved in Sai’s life, She watches in quiet fury as Sai brings the smile and happiness back on Virat’s face. Her own spite and jealousy is pushing Virat away from her, even as a friend. Nevertheless, she is unable to control her emotions. She craves for what she can never have & she refuses to accept the harsh truth of it. Had Pakhi wished, she would have been the happiest daughter of Chavan House since almost all senior Chavan’s are smitten by her but her steadfast denial to move on, to begin a new life has trapped her in darkness, making her a unhappy bystander witnessing her dream slipping away, far away from her grasp.

On one hand, Sai & Virat consider this a marriage of convenience but they have vastly underestimated the institution called marriage. They have also not taken into account their mutual liking for each other. Though the union was made under duress, each have begun to have expectations on one another, each have begun to exert a sense of possessiveness on the other. After promising to take leave on her momentous day, Sai feels let down when Virat disappears leaving her alone in the house.

From where does this feeling of let down come? why is she feeling angry and disappointed at Virat’s absence is something that has not entered Sai’s mind? Being the impulsive girl, she just throws a huge tantrum. The ladies of the house try to defuse her temper and are unsuccessful.. It’s only Virat with his calmness, his understanding who manages to mollify Sai and turn her frustrated anger into unbridled joy.

A beautiful scene, despite the family considering Sai as an uncouth, uncultured girl, they still consider her part of their family and wait for her to come for lunch. Not just that, when Sai refuses to come down for lunch, the ladies make a beeline to her room to get her to have food. A simple but profound moment showing the depth and family dynamics that exists in a family.

They will scold her, taunt her, mock her and when Sai crosses the line, they will correct her but at the end of the day, Sai is and will be the daughter of the house.

Expectations & possessiveness, two feelings that should not exist in Sai & Virat’s life but they do make their presence felt very strongly. Sai who was determined to focus only on her studies, leave Chavan House and away from Virat’s life has unknowingly begun to have expectations from Virat.

Virat who considered it his duty to secure Sai’s life and let her go after that finds himself looking for ways to make her happy. A man who considered Sai as a raw clay is now making attempts to understand her and what he is seeing is impressing him. Her simplicity, her innocence and her straightforwardness has begun to attract him. Sai is slowly drawing him towards her, Virat who had imagined himself living alone without any companionship is steadily and quietly moving towards his future. The shackles that he had tied around his ankles is weakening, the sorrow that had surrounded him is dissipating in Sai’s smile. In her joy, in her smile, in her words, he has begun to make his world.. But he does not know it yet!

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