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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin E 109 : The Winds of Change !

Sairat | Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein |

Quite a well rounded episode that has begun to show deepening bonds, fraying relationship & impending storm. An episode that’s laying bare the flaws & strengths of principal characters as these very qualities are going to play crucial role in shaping their lives in future.

The Trip to Ladakh:

Virat approaches Sai telling her that he has some urgent matter to discuss with her. Sai as usual jumps to conclusions even before Virat could open his mouth & goes off on her own tangent. Being the inquisitive guy and ever the opportunist who does not let go of a chance, Virat pounces on Sai’s deduction & comes to know that it was his own mother who bravely put her hand in raging hyena’s mouth.

ACP Chavan’s investigative spirit is satisfied to know that his dharmpatni had no business in raising Pakhi’s hackles, he moves to real “issue” .. that of “TRIP TO LADAKH” . Before Virat can even begin the grand reveal of the trip, impulsive Sai shoots it down by refusing to accompany him but giving her full benediction for Virat’s journey with Pakhi. Sai probably knows that Virat needs her whole hearted blessing to handle the tantrum throwing, entitled Pakhi. A frustrated Virat finally manages to table his “presentation” leading to few illuminating truths..

Virat hems & haws about the reason why he is adamant on taking Sai with him taking recourse in “Zimmedari” safety valve but there are no takers for his “Zimmedari” excuse & he has to admit the truth that he WANTS to be with Sai.. not just on this trip but even if he were to be transferred, he would prefer Sai be with him thus giving a lie to the entire existence of ‘ZIMMEDARI’. Why would a man want to toggle along someone who is just a burden to be taken care of unless the said burden has grown to become more.. Unknown to Virat, Sai has become an integral part of his life, she has become someone indispensable. She is no more a ‘Zimmedari’ but a ‘Zaroorat’ in his life. A fact that he is skirting around but will have to face one day or risk losing Sai forever.

Sai’s nonchalant dismissal of the upcoming trip of her husband with his ex-flame who still carries torch for him would warrant a huge round of applause, if the nonchalance was true. However, her airy dismissal is not driven by her concern for her studies or her absolute trust on her husband rather it is driven by her insecurities. An orphan who has had to battle the family does not wish to needle the family again. Her unwillingness does not stem from the fact that she DOES NOT WANT to go but is because she is unwilling to face the venomous words of the family again. Her resistance to his persuasion ends when he acknowledges the truth..That will always be Sai’s weakness.. His honest admission of the truth will leave her vulnerable to the blows coming from other sides.

This was also a segment that shows the mental wiring of Virat with that illuminating & much needed conversation with Pakhi. He is a man who finds his happiness in the happiness of others. He can forget his sorrows as he finds his happiness in the smile of others & vice versa. It explains why he bends over backwards for Pakhi or others to the detriment of his own happiness. There’s also guilt there, albiet slightly. But this conversations between Pakhi & Virat are much needed for Virat to break the shackles of promise he has made to Pakhi.

Virat has built a version of perfection in Pakhi & put her in a pedestal. To him, she represented the epitome of everything perfect but this frequent heart to heart is bringing out the real personality of a woman who is opposite of the girl he dreamt about. His disillusions are slowly very slowly kicking in as we could see today when he tells her off for not being mature about her actions or thinking.

On the other side, Dr.Pulkit is going to be a crucial link to bridge the gap between Sai & Virat. Where Virat is stuck in ‘Zimmedari’ rut, Sai is fixated on ‘DEAL’ as a buffer to keep herself safe. Hence every caring or loving actions of Virat is overlooked or put under the category of “Promise/duty”. It is Pulkit who is making Sai understand that Virat’s gestures are not just duty or obligations. He is going far beyond call of duty with the things he is and has been doing. Pulkit is also the right person for Sai for she would easily overlook Aai’s words tagging it as “Virat Sir’s ” mom talk but Pulkit by virtue of unconcerned third party, with his neutral insight can help Sai to overcome her mental block with regards to her husband in future. He can also be the mentor who tempers her impulsiveness with prudence..

The second interlude of Sairat happens in late evening when Virat comes from work. He enters the room, his eyes automatically looking at Sai, who is happily providing a gracious view of her back. Quick on his back comes an excited Pakhi who is excited about her trip to Ladakh. In her excitement, she asks Virat to handover his clothes to her for packing in a single unit.

The fury that was tightly reined in up until that moment bursts forth as Sai quite sharply informs Pakhi that SHE will do the packing of  HER husband’s clothes earning the ire of wrathful Pakhi. A heated discussion is defused by Virat who gets his own jolt when he realizes that Pakhi is more invested in sight seeing than is bringing her husband, Samrat home.

Here are three people caught in a mesh… Pakhi  believes she has a right over Virat. Her belief spurred on by Virat’s diplomatic words which more often than not gives her a beacon of hope. She seems to hang on to the promise Virat made in an emotional moment and bases her attitude and actions on that.

Virat who has slowly begun to move away from Pakhi has begun to accept his marriage and is working towards saving his marriage does not realize his ” no conflict” rule is actually building up for a mega explosion that will shake the lives of all. While he refuses to allow Pakhi into his life, he has not stopped her from entering too.

An illuminating moment when he tactfully heads off Pakhi about packing his clothes with Pakhi’s but asks Sai to pack his clothes with her’s (Sai’s). Virat has chosen his future, has decided on the path he will be travelling in. But he has forgotten to notify Pakhi about the same, a Pakhi who seems to be under the notion that Virat will be treading a lonely road holding the candle of love in her name.

This scene also bring out the traits of the characters, Virat is all deviousness and diplomacy as he keeps a tight lid on Sai coming with them on their journey. He is a man who goes to extra lengths to avoid confrontations. The uneasy glances he gives towards Sai as Pakhi prattles on about their trip, knowing the straight shooter Sai might burst out with the truth. Where Virat believes in tact, Sai takes it head on, where Virat prefers to hide the truth to avoid conflict, Sai bluntness & her brashness will not allow her to retreat from a rightful conflict. Where Sai & Virat are concerned about Samrat. Pakhi, the wedded wife is more concerned about her entertainment than in seeking out a son/brother/husband who has disappeared. Her lack of empathy to anyone else but her own condition seems to further distance Virat. She does not even evince a drop of sympathy for Virat’s anguish at his brother’s disappearance.

As for Virat, though he might think Pakhi as the love of his life. He does not seem interested or invested in fulfilling her eager expectations of spending couple of days indulging in sight seeing the way he went out of his way to get Candy floss for Sai. In fact so much so, he was not even interested to go on any outing once the office related work finished. If Pakhi thought, this trip would give both of them some time to spend cozy evenings,then she was hugely mistaken as Virat’s focus seems to be ONLY Samrat!

It was also a moment to smile when possessiveness takes hold of quivering Sai and she firmly tells off Pakhi for offering to pack Virat’s belongings. She rightfully stakes her claim over him & his belongings. A right which Virat already has given to Sai though she seems reluctant to gain it.

A moment to cherish too when Sai firmly & unequivocally tells that she has no hold or expectations from Virat  or from the relationship much to the growing dismay & shock in Virat’s eyes. But what I loved was the slight guilt in Sai’s expression as she says her “Mantra” which she has been mouthing quite unfeelingly until then.

Whether she knows it or not, whether she accepts it or not. Virat & her marriage has ceased to be a deal. The relationship she never wanted has already embraced her in its warm cocoon. Sai is basking in that love and comfort. She has begun to find her security in Virat. But her fear will keep her from consciously exercising her rights over him or their relationship. It will be up to “peace loving” Virat to make that move, to convince her to give their relationship a chance!

The wind has begun to change its direction. The cobwebs of the past is gently being swept away as sunlight hesitantly peers in, lighting up the lives of two reluctant people caught in a relationship that they are slowly beginning to respect & accept!!

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