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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Breathe !

One of the most important aspect in any relationship is “Space” between individuals. A lack of space or choice can lead to a feeling of suffocation which inevitably weakens the relationship or leads to complete breakdown of relationship.

Previously Sai was fixated on ‘DEAL’.. Everything, every action/intent of Virat or the household revolved around the deal, a deal brought about by concerted emotional pressure of her near & dear ones, a deal that was abhorrent to Sai because it robbed her of what she cherished most, ‘her independence, her choice’ . Naturally with such a background, the relationship looked at a bleak future.

That’s not to say love was not there, love was there, affection was there, there were sunshine of laughter, sparks of mischief but live an omniscient God, hung this dark cloud of ‘DEAL’ dulling the brightness of the spark or the radiance of happiness.

Sai’s inner emotions that she kept in tight check rushed out unfettered often during a crisis involving one or the other, on normal days it was back to “Deal” . Needless to say, the relationship with an inbuilt ‘Terms & Conditions’ was headed for a failure despite the ocean full of love surging between them.

The need of the hour then was to give space, allow the relationship to breathe, to become strong, to grow. That was achieved through ‘Dosti’. In one simplistic step, Aai removed the pressure of sustaining a ‘relationship, removed the burden of being in a relationship, freeing Sai from the shackles of ‘gratitude’. This was one giant step SIDEWAYS.

Consider it like this, you are atop a hill, spread in front of you a splendour of greenery, vista’s of beauty but alas!! right in front of you is an insurmountable boulder, blocking your view. The other’s in the group are exclaiming in raptures at the beauty that lies ahead but you are unable to see it or even feel it because of that boulder. Its natural to get resentful of those people who are enjoying the scenic views, the more they speak about it, the more you get wrathful and on top of that is the expectation that all should behave well, maintain the etiquette, follow the rules… naturally, you will start to steam in silence, silence taking the form of periodic outbursts, Outbursts leading to misleading perceptions..

BUT were you to take just one step sideways, removing yourself from blocking boulder.. your vision changes.. you now see & begin to understand the gushings of the family, you now can enjoy the pleasures of the scenes. To put it simply, remove yourself from the source of irritation, allowing yourself some breathing space & you begin to perceive things differently.

Aai’s decision to shift Sai from Virat’s room, renaming the relationship as ‘Friendship’ has removed the onerous burden on Sai. It has given her the requisite space & the power to choose. It has provided her the detachment to view things in right frame than clouding it with ‘Deal’. She grows more receptive of THE RELATIONSHIP in the world of their FRIENDSHIP.

Sai has taken a step sideways, now it remains a matter of time, before she takes a step forward.

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