Ghum Ghooms : Mirror !!

Though I have been guilty of not watching Ghum daily, I have kept myself briefed about the ongoing occurrences simply for the way the writers interconnect the journey of the 3 protagonists !

One of the emotions that was introduced quite early in the show but was not given much importance yet remained quite ‘prominently’ in the background was the motif of ‘heartbreak’.

To begin with the story per se actually kicks off with ‘heart break’ of one of the pivotal character, Pakhi. A pragmatic dreamer who believes in ‘ideal love’. A ne’er say die who will grab any and every opportunity to be near HER love, irrespective of whether her ‘LOVE’ wants her or not. A paradox who is bold enough to overthrow the shackles of her marriage to her lover’s brother yet cowardly enough in wanting to live far away so that shame & scandal does not taint her.

Pakhi is a woman deeply in love with her ‘infatuation’. On the eve of her marriage, when she was on the cusp of new life, a beginning that should have ushered in unquantified happiness, joy & bliss, she was met with complete rejection !. On the day when her destiny was being tied to another person, the person she wanted to spend her life with spurned her hand, choosing to walk away from her – offering the olive branch of ‘friendship’ ; that too with the caveat that the said “relationship” is applicable only if she were to marry his brother else everything will be off.

Broken by the rejection, Pakhi did not give up, she chose marriage to be with her love. Despite knowing that principled Virat would never cross the limits of decency, she still nursed a hope that somewhere in his heart, she ruled, that she was the unsung queen of his heart – that knowledge gave her peace as she resigned herself to live a barren life.

Oblivious of Pakhi’s turmoil, Virat despite promising to never give his heart or share his life with any woman had to bow down to fate & marry an orphan due to unavoidable circumstances. Yes, he was forthright & honest about his life with his partner, Sai. He frankly informed Sai that he can never share his heart or life with anyone because he was already committed to someone emotionally, which was very contrary to his basic nature of living in NOW. Virat is not a man who believed in ghosts, he preferred the present, however harsh or pleasant it may be. Marrying Sai was easier for him, because like Pakhi, he too was not in love but was in love with the idea of a ‘perfect woman’ which was epitomized in Pakhi.

As a result, he was able to move on without having his heart broken to pieces. Yes, it did twist and squeeze itself in momentary pain but that was of loss of a dream. His heart was not involved, his illusions were. For him to understand Pakhi’s pain, he needed to feel the pain of being rejected, of being discarded, understand the anguish of losing someone & yet function normally. Sai’s nonchalance, her obstinacy and her fears proved to be his undoing.

Inspite of continued persistence, inspite of giving space to Sai and thence building a tenuous bridge of friendship, the relationship shattered at the first hurdle. The fragile hope that was building in Virat’s bosom crushed and withered. His heart breaking at Sai’s rejection of his innocence and of HIM!. Virat is finally feeling the pain that occurs when one is rejected!

Rejection has not been foreign to Sai ! From day one in Chavan Niwas, Sai has been rejected left, right & center. Sai has remained nonchalant, unconcerned through it all for the simple reason, she never considered Chavan Niwas as home nor the people as her own. To her, the Chavan’s including Virat were the landlord’s cum Guardian’s who had undertaken a limited duration undertaking of taking care of her, her needs until she becomes financially independent or capable of standing on her own feet. Sai cruised through her days untouched by swirling emotions of Virat, safely ensconced within the walls built by her fears.

However strong the walls may be, they will have to give one day or the other under the relentless onslaught of emotions. Sai is no exception! Petrified she is, terrified of new vista opening up to her, Sai is tentative, fearful. She wears a masque of cheerfulness, certain sangfroid in her attitude sometimes bordering on childishness. Sai resolutely has refused to face the terrors that speaks to her at her lonely hours. Nightmares of rejection haunt her but Sai has not yet addressed it. The fear has kept her frozen.. Sai has to break through her fears, tear down the masque and be naked !

The eclipse that has consumed the lives of all three will fade only after Sai faces the mirror. A mirror of the past & the future , a mirror that will lead Virat towards his destiny, a mirror that will give Pakhi what she craves above all, to be loved !. A mirror that will give what Sai has always yearned -a family !!

But first, Rejection, Heartbreak & Mirror !!

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