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Arnav & Khushi – The two pieces that makes a whole! Two pieces of a souls that are in search of each other, though they are not aware of it, not yet ! and just like a piece of puzzle that has to be dissimilar to actually make a snug fit and be a complete unit, so are Arnav and Khushi – both dissimilar yet make a complete whole when fit together.

Arnav, a young man who inspite of his young age, despite his wealth has faced hard knocks in his young life. One who has seen the chains of relationships evaporating the moment wealth disappeared. A young man who found himself on the streets after living in palatial mansion. A young man who clawed his way back to wealth, prosperity and influence through sheer grit, determination propelled by a sense of betrayal, immense pain. He has got it all back but oddly enough, he is all alone !

The loneliness, the constant dread of losing it all has made him slightly paranoid. He is quick to judge, usually the worst of any persons but particularly of middle and lower middle class folks. Arnav harbors a bitterness towards females who hails from middle to lower class ( what caused this bitterness?).

Just take the present moment, A young girl who clearly does not belong to his set has barged into his exclusive fashion show. Before even speaking to the girl or even listening to her, Arnav has already made up his mind, judged her to be a mole sent by rival business house. Since the great Arnav has already arrived at a conclusion, obviously that conclusion is ABSOLUTE ! Anything contradictory is a lie, a deception that should be consigned to the dustbin. he waits only for confirmation of his preconceived judgement!!

Contrast this with Khushi, the other part of the puzzle. Not for her any judging. Khushi is absolutely clear on right and wrong. But she is not in a hurry to deliver her verdict. Khushi believes in giving benefit of doubt , to listen to the accused person or implicated person. That’s why she takes the file and heads  to meet Abhishek, because she wants to give a chance to Abhishek to clear the issue. Khushi does not form an opinion on Abhishek before listening to his side.

When these two unite, it will be a balance of Cynicism and naivety !

But are they completely dissimilar ? Is there no commonality between these two? What is that glue that will bind one another to each other?

Pain !! The pain of not belonging, The anguish of being all alone in the universe notwithstanding the fact that he is awfully rich and she, for all intents and purpose has a family. The fear of losing everything and above all the protective streak and love both have for their respective family’s – These are the glue that will bind them together!

Arnav Singh Raizada has a sister but that sister is married, naturally her priorities will be different. Besides, Arnav has built a formidable fortress around himself, virtually disassociating himself from his near and dear. His softer side has been buried, he exists does not live ..Too afraid to feel !! too afraid to give anybody power over him, too afraid that he will become orphan again.. always aware that he IS an orphan !

Khushi on the other hand has a family who worries about her, who cares about her , who loves her in their own way. Yet she is driven by the fear of losing it all, there is a gnawing insecurity within her that her tiny piece of shelter will be snatched away, that she has to Earn that love and affection from the family. Khushi does not take her family nor their love for granted . Underneath the rosy exterior, there is always a feeling of being an orphan, being aware of the kindness extended to her. A casual word carelessly thrown pierces her threadbare security, tears down her cocoon, brings home the fact that she is an orphan !

Here are two orphans bonded by fear, by loss – lost in the universe looking for that missing piece that will make them whole..

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